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  • "6days thinks.....", not exactly a phrase that comes up very often during interactions with him. :think:

    Now, "6days believes....." is a different story!
    Dear Silent Hunter,
    You and Hedshaker are no longer banned on the Creation Thread. I gave ownership to Patrick Jane and he asked me if I would unban you, so I spoke to a moderator, and you are welcome here. The thread is not mine now. You take care and you are free to post.
    Would you care to explain or simply declare falsehood to make yourself feel better? I don't have a problem with you being a non-believer, that's your choice. It is my choice to be a believer and my desire to help someone to stay in Yeshua. That desire does not make me a loser. If you had a gaping wound, would you not want someone to help you? I would think that the loser is someone who doesn't care enough to try to help. Is that what you want for RichRock? It's RichRock's choice to be a non-believer but he may not really want that and I'm trying to ascertain if he has given this complete thought. This isn't a question of comfort in numbers because in the end, there will not be numbers or groups going collectively before the Lord. It will be a one on one situation just as each person faces death....alone with the Lord or alone without Him.
    Care to discuss it or do you just want to call me names? Contrary to what you might think about that post. I was trying, and still am, to do something positive. You don't have to like it and you're more than welcome to tell me so but that doesn't make me a loser.
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