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  • wait i just read your offer again, count me in, i'll do something Saturday for sure, Sunday at the latest, thank you
    just to clarify, i can just buy another one year subscription starting now and it would be due a year from now ?
    Hi Knight, I hope you have received my check by now? If you don't get it in 2 more days let me know and I'll trace it. Thanks, bybee
    Hi Knight,....I just renewed my subscription, but it hasn't registed yet on the forum,....just to let you know so it goes towards the fund drive :surf:
    Knight, I feel kinda bad that I didn't mention my donation was meant to be a renewal of membership....the $30 will be fine and the extra can just go to the TOL-aThon. I hope I didn't mess things up.
    Knight, I am sending a check for $100.00. Right now that is all I can afford. But if you know of someone who would benefit from the $30.00 upgrade I'll include that and let you choose the recipient! Blessings Pat
    Saw your remark to Psalmist at the other place :thumb: and it gave me a thought. I know he's struggling a bit and I thought it might be encouraging for him to open his cp page and find a round of appreciation. So I've done a bit of it and have been nudging some of the lunkheads around here I like to do the same. You made the lunkhead list. :eek:
    ATTN Knight,

    Patrick Jane has pulled a former thread out of the blogs and is adding posts to it. He's causing all kinds of problems. Please see what you can do about it. It is my post "My Greatest Vision." I believe that is the name of it. You can see where the dates change on it where he has been new on it. Thanks so much Knight. I'm going to see if Sherman can help also. There is no moderator on right now to address this problem with.
    Knight, What happened to Ktoyou's membership that I gifted her with two days ago? Her user name is showing up blue instead of green.
    Overall, I think this was one of my favorite days on the boards...because I learned something today, in pieces. I hope you stick around, activity wise and that things are going well for you apart. :cheers:
    I did not know if Ktoyou got her membership. But I looked and saw she was green. Thanks, she deserved it.
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