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  • Bingo! :thumb: Truth be told I liked the book too...only it's a bit like admitting to liking Melville. Everyone wants to say they read it and then shudder. If you smile they worry after you. :D
    His latest in chatbox:

    some other dude: And it's been another lovely thread with Town encouraging the damned on their path to Hell. Way to go, "Christian."
    Ah, well.
    Kat, I tried that. And he stalked me. I left for a time and he did a dance in Observations. Nothing happened to him. So when I returned I refused to be drawn into the personal. He kept it up for a while even so, with impugnity, because there was no point in my objecting. We haven't had a cross word in a while, but he's just transferred that same methodology to others. And that was the post I objected to. I left his entry and insult aimed at provoking me out of it and answered him in the field of play. He reported that answer. :chuckle:
    I stepped away from Sod and let a great deal go to adopt a better policy. His unprovoked attack on AB had me objecting formally before I knew he had reported my response to his less rude but equally pointless attempt at incitement aimed in my direction. Frankly, Kat, I think that so long as the only people who object to his methods formally are the people he directly insults nothing will likely be done about him, it will be easeier to see it as an out of control fight between two pundits.

    But that's just my belief. :idunno:
    Morning Kat, Hope you are feeling as well as possible. Re: porn, I'd agree that women are not nearly as interested as men. Women are usually dragged into it by a man.
    My grammatical errors are [mostly]* for fun ....caught your attention :)

    * as are parenthesis and the odd CAPS etc what kind of person can I be???
    True, though you still get a gem now and again, if far less frequently. And the distinctive voices are mostly gone, plowed under with the homogenization of America...too bad. I miss the Cooper, Fonda, Wayne, Gable, Bogart, Grant, Stewart individuality...and those films. My wife and I believe any great movie star has at least three classic films. These days you can count the number of stars with that number on darn near one hand. :mmph: Ah, well, that's why God maid TCM. :eek:
    Hello and keeping hanging in there despite certain mythical nordic creatures patrolling this board. :chuckle:

    You are a blessing to this site.

    Thank you, Kat :up:
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