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  • Thanks ... I thought it was fitting considering the horrific conditions we seem to be facing due to Trump's election (via the helpful hand of Putin). Those of us who love our country and care about our neighbor need to ban together.
    :think: Either moved or identical thread title.... I post as you asked. We can't remove these, but I did say I was incorrect to mods. -Lon
    Well, 'fun' is one way of putting it...:chuckle: You haven't missed anything but the same usual obsessive garbage, and part V is coming up soon, oh the joy... hey, start the thread and see what happens. : )
    He searched out and somehow came across my testimony page, (I never directed or sent him there), because he was looking for something to use against me to try to discredit me. He has entirely misrepresented what I have said in my testimony page, (on my site), and is intentionally lying about me across the forum board in various threads. He does not like that his doctrine has been shown to be utterly erroneous, and that is no doubt the true reason for his murderous assaults on my character. He has become just like EE, (for that is the only recourse when the scripture refutes what they believe and they really do not know the Messiah by way of his Testimony).
    HE never spoke of those things, (Jer 7:22 and context), which has been expounded many times in many places throughout these fora, with Torah, Psalms, and Prophets. The Torah is Spirit and spiritual just as Paul says. Carnal man has deceived himself and the world with his carnal man English Bible interpretations. Dig deeper friend, and you will need to "dump" the English so-called scholars and their English Bible renderings, (KJV, etc., especially when it comes to the Torah). It all depends on what is in your heart: is your heavenly Father a blood thirsty cruel avenger or is He LOVE? Your altar is your heart, (the kingdom of Elohim is within you), and He has given you YOUR blood upon YOUR altar to make atonement. :)
    This place is more like a National Lampoon's cafeteria than a disciples library: people do not seem to come here much to study and learn but rather to have a raucous food fight. Why should they care whether or not the food is poisonous when they do not plan to eat any of it? They only want to find something juicy laying around so as to pick it up and heave it across the room at their perceived enemies. :crackup:
    The problem is, from my perspective, that once you have posted the scripture and someone has rejected it there is not much else you can do. Most here have already seen the truth and rejected it. They are caught up in a terrible cycle because of mistranslated Bibles which they cherish as truth. The poison has been added by Trinitarian biased translators: but if you try to show them why that is true, they call you a "scripture corrector" and a heretic or worse. In essence they do not want to resolve the contradictions in what they have before them, but rather, love the poison which they have been consuming. They do not care that what they believe contradicts the "Old Testament" because for most of them it has all been abolished anyways; they just use some things from it when it looks like it might support their belief system.
    I also am a member at but have not posted there in a while, (screen name is "daq"). I generally posted in the Messianic Judaism board but also posted quite a bit in the "Controversial Christian Theology" board before it was called by that name, (it was formerly under a different name and was more open to other beliefs, even Gnostic Christian, before the ownership change which was about two years ago now). I check back there once in a while but the MJ board is overrun with people all dressed up as Jews spouting the same old line you see here, (the main mouth is a oneness-modalist who has something like 45,000 posts now, mostly in the MJ board, and is so "highly respected" that you better not offend her with the truth, lol).
    Yes, like a gestapo. I have heard that Lon was formerly a mod at some other board(s), so he certainly knows all the ins and outs and how to set people up; which is really what he is all about, as said to KRose, (setting people up with evil intentions). I also heard one of the Calvinites opining that Sherman had confessed the Calvinist faith at one point. So the fix is in because Sherman is the enforcer, banner, and silencer. This is why Lon has free reign to practice the evil that he does. I even saw in the post of the day board where she posted one of his more polite posts with glowing words and praise for his wonderful patience with all the losers around here. Really sickening to see such blatant hypocrisy going on; but what can you do or say? It is a privately owned forum which makes the bias of the ownership very clear, (and that is certainly their prerogative to do so). If you happen to find or know of a better forum, with open and fair debate, (lively), please do let me know. :)
    "hi daqq,....just got banned from the Trinity thread,...for my comment to Lon, ...he went whining to a paricular moderator. Its becoming a Gestapo around here,.....a circus. How are u?"

    Hey Freelight, doing great since I stopped responding to dead man Lon. Welcome to the club; that now puts you and I in an exclusive club of two: the only two Lon has gotten banned from the thread. He accused me of blaspheming the Trinity when I said he was spreading his own feces all over the classroom walls. The Mods believed him so I guess they believe Lon is God around here. Rejecting Lon is rejecting God according to this forum and its administrator and his team. To blaspheme Lon is to blaspheme God according to them. To each their own I suppose. :)
    It's not debatable, except that you're choosing to debate it. But we might as well claim agnosticism about all history, if we're going to have to debate about whether the Church was of one mind, and one voice, on the matter of whether Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead on the third day. The idea that the Resurrection was fiction, wasn't seriously introduced until a Unitarian Christian invented Islam.
    There was never ambiguity in the Church over the Resurrection, not even at Nicaea. :idunno: :)
    It's been a while since I've looked at Jainism. If I recall correctly they go to the extreme of not harming any living thing to the point that they will only eat fruit that has already fallen to the ground.

    You say they aren't theistic - but is this in the same way that Buddhism is said to not be theistic? Because Buddhism accepts the existence of gods - anyone can potentially be born as a god. They just don't make the gods the focus of their religion/philosophy. I'll have to review.
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