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  • Hi, u? Refresh my memory :) sorry,...just got on....will do some research....see my profile/posts/blog/commentaries ;)
    It's just my name, Timothy, in Greek. On CF my name is Timothew, which is also Timothy in Greek. It means "Honoring God".
    Thanks. I don't feel closer to God posting on TOL and ChristianForums. So I have permanently quit both forums. No need to respond, I won't see it. -End-
    I am leaving TOL. I do not expect to be back. I've left my first two Blog posts as they may help someone in the future. I will not be posting here or anywhere else. I cannot handle the stress and hatefulness here. God bless you. You are not part of the problem and I hope you can be a positive influence here for existing and future members.

    SObG (aka Faith.Man)
    Dear brinny,
    You are a little sweetheart! There are some very nice ladies/women on this website called TOL, and you are one of them. If I love all of you this much, think of how much MORE God loves you!! Incredibly awesome, isn't it??!!!
    Dear brinny, I am doing fine, to be honest! And how about you?! I enjoyed chatting with you in the posts. They are starting to shoot firecrackers here for 4th of July!! I hope you have an excellent holiday!! Much Love, In Jesus Christ!!
    I've quit TOL and deleted all my friends list. It's been nice talking with you. I'll see you elsewhere under a different name. God bless.
    Hello ... the highlight can be seen on the posting page where the the B I U starts, it is at the end it looks where it has YouTube then abc with a highlight marker of the c.
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