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  • That is wonderful news, bybee! I know several, including myself, have been lifting up prayers. Anger is but one letter away from danger!
    I am thankful that, at the very least, you though it a good idea.

    Hope springs eternal.
    Lets keep praying about it.

    Oh, and no need to stop posting in there.
    I don't expect it to be a bed of roses overnight.

    And I'm still jotting down ya'lls best digs at each other (just in case I want to use them sometime.)

    God bless,
    Considering that Elo's comments were actually exactly what GD stated, I am inclined to agree.

    You know, Bybee, eventually what comes around, goes around. Their actions are not just hurting individuals, they are harming TOL.
    He's muley but improved. No fever in a few hours now and well enough that I won't keep him from his "Papa Ben". :) No sneezing, coughing or running nose, so everyone should be safe around him. I think I'm going to keep up the spirit of later in the thread last night. Meet anger with laughter, because how can a hostile spirit prosper against that? Love you, bybee. Have a great day!
    Good morning. You missed the troll fest that started after Sherman unlocked my thread. It ended up funny, thanks to Rusha and AB and a general perception shift on my part. Educational.

    Hope you're feeling hale and happy this morning. Say a prayer for Jack, who started a fever last night. I'm hoping he'll rebound today in time for the family get-together, but I don't know. A lot of sleeping, but we still need that fever to break.
    I am seeing that as well ... not to mention an amount of dishonesty that has made me lose what little respect I had in a particular case.

    When it was reported that Climatesanity was a sock for Dolo, the response in the Woodshed was that "no, he is a new poster".

    Interestingly enough, he ADMITTED who he was when 1PM accidentally outed him.

    Mistakes can be made, but I do not believe that was the case.

    An honest response would have been "we know and have decided to give him another chance".

    A certain poster's flaws is starting to rub off on others.
    Hey bybee!! Thanks for your kind words and thoughts!! My Christmas is looking really good. I let one person open their presents a little early. Everyone else has to wait for Christmas. God bless you in the days to come, and beyond even those.
    Just participated in a great book discussion. I am beginning to see a disconnect between my Christian values and what is being allowed here on TOL. I'd like to engage in civil discourse but it is impossible with some folks and it is a disservice to the board to let them get away with their nastiness!
    Ok D is sitting in here reading your profile. :shocked: Saw him lurking when I was looking about to see who was on and where they were, if there was an interesting thread I'd missed.
    Yeah. I can't really get mad at her for being a bonehead. Once I got over the shock of her methodology, which is my fault for not paying attention, I decided to goose her a bit on principle...I guess I can see a little more clearly how people get away with that sort of thing now. It's easy to overlook until it's trained on you...she's frustrated and clearly want's authority of some sort. God knows why.
    Did you see my answer to her on you? She said I was copying you on some point (she likes to complain about a thing then rushes to do it) and I noted, in her snitty observation that followed about you that you're one of the few people here who I've seen reconsider a position in the midst of an argument.

    That's really amazing. She likely won't value it, but it's amazing.
    Okay, that was my limit. She's not a bad one, but she has no real business arguing points she's seriously invested given how callous it becomes.
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