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  • It's why I like to illustrate points and why I have little patience with people who dedicate themselves to being just as obtuse as need be to miss a thing they can't answer. Or maybe that's just the optimist in me. :plain:
    :thumb: Thanks. I once did that sort of thing, reduced each starting position to a number to plug into my machinery...ah the time I once had (either). :D
    Interesting article, though I disagree with its premise. And sometimes the best thing you can do for kids is show them what it's like to have the playroom they think they want. :D

    I suspect Trump will be the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. If they'd turned out their base in full they wouldn't be looking at yet another unpopularly elected president. And if they hadn't rigged their own nomination process they'd have managed a candidate who wasn't tailored to not accomplish that.
    Appreciated and I mean to, though I spend less time here these days, mostly owing to my weariness of the coddled wolves among us and the banality of what they do.
    The funny thing is that I wrote this a couple of minutes earlier for FB and didn't make the error, but that's what happens when I'm playing with Jack and doing anything else. The anything else suffers...which is right and good. :eek:
    One of my Shih Tzu's died Thursday. Enlarged heart and lungs filled from past bouts with Arizona's virulent "Valley Fever". Spikey was a treasure, the most even tempered and lovable of the four I have at home. I taught her as a pup to sleep on my chest often, and for the past 10 years she would climb aboard at night while I sat on the sofa and rest. She was my alarm clock, awaking me every morning at 6AM to start the day. The other three Shih Tzus miss her. They are moping about knowing something is not quite right. I am quite depressed about the whole matter and the household mood is bleak. I miss her greatly.
    Started a new policy. I'm going to work harder at not being the thing that brings out the worst in people. I've generally tried to couch the humor in a way that doesn't invite the truly personal, but with people who trade in the personal I've been a bit heavier handed...I put glory on ignore because nothing I write is going to help her and the temptation to counter punch is still too strong in me. I've put GM on ignore because he helps people find their lowest point. I'm going to expand the list as needed until I find a group I can have serious and light hearted differences with sans dragging things through sewage.

    I gave PJ a shot at working up, but apparently he's permanently banned for not only recruiting for another venture, but asking people to give this place up. That was a serious tactical error on his part. Too bad though.
    I miss some of the absent bells and whistles in terms of poster tracking around here, but at least you can still do a 100 post search. Had to use it a bit ago when CC made a peculiar complaint that came back to haunt her/him. A variation on the young lawyer's mistake. At any rate, I have a couple of months off and should be stomping around the joint again. :cheers:
    Thanks for checking in on me! I hang out so much on Facebook these days! Hope everything is going well for you. :)
    My only reservation is that it would allow people to see others, like you or anna, who have sent and/or received a PM from me...I tried using a snipping tool, but the image wouldn't import as saved. I think the challenge and reason work against him. Anyone reading the bit of my post he used would be hard pressed to view it as the start of a conversation. :cheers:
    It's funny, but when I saw your correction/grammar note it rang a bell that tolled too softly earlier on and I went back and caught one of my own, a they're/their mistake I suppose is owed to a lack of sleep over the past few days and a general rush as I tie up a few things. Thanks for the other thing. In theological discourse I tend to defer to those better versed, which is why I have largely confined my comments to personal witness and taking on the anti-theists, who rarely display much of a substantive scriptural grasp and who can be taken to the woodshed empirically without walking those particular boards (which would only give them splinters to begin with).
    Thanks for the links, by the way. :cheers:

    On an unrelated note, I finished my master's course with multiple cords and the commiserate 4.0 and now possess the trinity of educational notations, if accomplished slightly out of order.
    An excellent day surrounded by smiling kindergarteners, who serenaded me toward the end of it. :D Many thanks.
    Oops, missed it by a month! Happy Belated. Hope your day was wonderful and your year is blessed full of His presence! In Him -Lon
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