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  • Hang in there, Angel. You know who your friends are and that you are loved.
    Angel, there was never a doubt in my mind in regards to who started it and who was being insensitive. While you and I may disagree on certain issues, I KNOW you have a good heart. The same cannot be said about certain other people.

    As far as those who would use your tragedy in the own little agenda to ban guns, shame on them.
    No ... THAT I did not see. What is wrong with that woman? I don't understand why she feels the need to go after others so viciously ... especially during their most vulnerable times.

    That type of stuff just makes me see red. Don't let her get to you, Angel. You have so many friends on here who care about you and your well being.

    Hang in there and just give me a holler if I can help you in any way.
    I just came on and read the discussion in the chatbox. Are you okay, Angel?
    Hi Angel, just wanted to check in on you, and see how you are doing. You are in my thoughts.
    Of course ... you are my friend ... I will always help you as much as I am able. You are in my thoughts, Angel.
    I did. You have been on my mind a great deal since we last spoke, Angel. Just know, my door is always open if I can offer you support in any way.
    I told you at the first I started a thread. If you want to challenge me when I am going at it with Buzz then so be it. I started a thread just for you.
    That's what it says. See the Online Hebrew Interlinear. It literally says that the priest makes atonement for "the one cleansing himself." This has nothing to do with new testament salvation.

    Please answer on the thread.

    You misunderstand the scriptures. For example, the Hebrew in Leviticus 14:19 literally says that the sinner cleanses himself.

    Your treatment of 1 John 1:7-9 amounts to works salvation because it says that we are cleansed as the result of something we continually do. Therefore, the cleansing in 1 John is NOT about justification.

    Delmar closed the thread so I will start another for you and me to go at it.
    I don't have any idea what you're even talking about. I didn't propose banning anything, I wrote nothing whatever about animals, and I didn't advocate killing babies. At this point I think you are completely out of your mind.
    "Also: to all you folks who are anti-abortion, why is it OK in your mind for the government to deny the freedom of a woman to choose an abortion, so as to protect the life of the fetus, but then be so outrageous to you that the government would deny the freedom of a parent to feed their kids massive doses of sugar water, so as to protect the health of the kids?

    The claim is being thrown around that this is a "liberal" proposal, but it seems to me to be very similar to conservatives proposing a ban on abortion. Both of these proposed bans seek to limit the freedom of adults (so as) to protect the heath of children."

    Where do you see anything about animals in this post? Where does it say I don't want to protect children? If you had actually read the post, you would have realized that the "so as" is implied in the last sentence even though I neglected to specifically include it as it was written in both sentences, above. Is this how it's going to be with you, now?
    Good job with Sum, Angel. What's really interesting is that most of the women he is throwing the word *feminism* at are not feminists.
    Arghh! I can't PM you either. Anyways, there is section of the board called the woodshed where all the reports go. Only subscribers can see it. I am not sure the new Mod is aware of that. Anyways this is what she put in reply to your report--->Thunder's Muse is not stalking you. She replied to your post about the one member of TOL that you've had a problem with.

    If you do not desire exchanges with Thunder's Muse in two weeks you will be able to block her.
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