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  • I suppose he has, naturally, been pretty influential in my views (though I don't agree with him on everything). My mom... not so much :p She doesn't like theological debate - especially over the trinity. She's encouraging in the sense that she likes me to study, but she doesn't like many of my conclusions ;)
    He recognizes that there are problems with the trinity (he did before I did), but he's not quite sure about abandoning the idea that Christ is God in some sense. He's open to the idea, but he's not quite there yet.

    As for how he hangs out with them: he doesn't bring it up :p He actually doesn't care for that church much anymore (for other reasons), but he wants to complete all the classes.
    Thank you :) I've always been a Christian, but I wasn't raised going to church. My family is quite religious - just not trusting of the church ;) My dad is actually finishing up his last 7 classes required to be a fully ordained minister with the church of the Nazarene.

    For my career path - when I graduate in 2 years (6 year plan :p) I want to take my computer science degree and do some programming/graphics work, maybe work as a video game programmer/designer or a 3D modeler/animator. I want to do that until all of my student loans are paid off, and then I want to save to go to grad school. After I go through grad school I would like to become a profressor at a university.
    I'm going to Chico State University in CA. I'm 21 and I'm majoring in Computer Science (Graphics Option) and Religious Studies. When I'm able I plan to go to grad school and get my doctorate in early church history and continue studying biblical languages.
    This semester I am taking: 3D Computer Modeling, Judaism Christianity & Islam, the Hebrew Bible, Logic and Critical Thinking, German I, and Greek for Reading (my 3rd semester of Attic Greek).
    I'll look into it :) I can't devote much time right now to debating, I'm taking 19 units this semester and am pretty busy, but I should be able to throw in my 2 cents.
    Free - Nice poetry - if people were paid for such you would not need a full time job!

    :) I know, I should be rich by now......

    All riches in 'God' Now,...so no worries.....
    Controller of small Electronic Engineering/Mfg Company and you are a Pinko Commie?
    Meaningless theology (that should be obvious)
    Well, it is all too obvious!
    Pardon my hesitation, because my first instinct is always of friendship. But I have to ask why, considering your view of Catholicism? (although not forgetting your politics. :))
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