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  • The north country was awesome. Truly a great trip--climbing through caves, even. Stayed in a real sweet inn and kicked back. (How did one year already fly by?)
    I thought I'd have a little fun with Entropy, which was (curiously enough) the title of my favorite book as a child. :poly:

    But that was about as challenging as keeping a pet rock (at least at present) so I stepped into one of your comments and tracked stuff everywhere...:eek:
    :chuckle: I don't suppose either of us will budge the other, but I didn't want you to feel ignored. I'd have answered just for the enjoyment of the dialogue had I seen it the first time round. :e4e:
    I think you posted something to me that I haven't responded to yet. I missed something and saw it later then got distracted (an ever present difficulty with me). If you really wanted a response and weren't simply having some fun in a thread as I do from time to time to keep the old hand in, let me know and point it out and I'll come back to it. :cheers:
    hey Allsmiles...I'm not sure you didn't pay much attention to, you did just your busy..
    I really enjoyed your for a young man you are inspiring, an confident, smiles... great at expressing your you were the first one to beat off the ATTACKING Natives when I first came here to TOL..Now How could I ever forget you for that...the makings of a life time friendship...
    Biz has been far, far better. There are little trickles here and there but by and large, it's brutal.
    What will you pray for specifically? If you don't mind me asking that is...

    :think: I'm guessing paralysis, but it's only a guess.

    Didn't want to interrupt the thread any more than I already had. :eek:
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