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  • No...only coffee, I'd be a disappointmenting alcoholic ...
    perhaps the reason why I find myself tired of the computer communications, is because people seem to think my personality is compared to drunkenness.

    No you haven't offended me, I'm innocent!!!
    Good question?... smile..head spin an come to mind!!!

    Don't just do something Stand there!!!
    well waiting around, waiting is the story of the weakened existence!
    hmmmm....serving is something for the weakened to entertain the imagination.

    "I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves."
    - Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

    Thank you for responding so quickly.
    I hope you enjoyed the show. I don’t Have cable but on occasion I watch a show on the net.
    I will do some searching and studying through the net. I would still like to get back to you at a later time to share my discoveries and here of your findings and conclusions.
    I am interested in the Greek concept of logos.
    Could you give me some examples and share some of what you know about the subject?
    Hey man, I'm back on here. I haven't posted at all yet...just reading trying to catch up as it were. Just thought I'd say hello. :wave2:
    Never mind. I was just being friendly. You really ought to lighten up a bit - maybe your clown shoes are too tight :chuckle:
    Just your comment in the rep you gave me - rather mysteriously, but thanks. It was rather suggestive of blasphemy, don't you think? Should I quote it for you?
    Gee, Smiley, were you afraid of an infraction if you'd posted that on the thread :chuckle:

    FTR Jesus didn't "impregnate" Mary in the normal sense of the word. It was not Leda and the Swan :rolleyes:
    Did you see my post #77? I supply verses for Paul 'referencing' a historical Jesus, one who 'appeared'.
    Thanks allsmiles,.....I generally take a view as 'consciousness' itself(my True Self, the "I" of the I Am),...exploring every dimension possible, as all that exists to us anyways,...are various 'configurations of consciousness'. All things, ideas, concepts, personalities have their place in the learn what you can and make the most of whatever 'forms' or 'names' of 'God' that best resonate with you (if disposed towards including 'God' in your life-philosophy, spiritual practice or general cosmology - its all good, if balanced, practical and always open for innovations).

    So what if Jesus is a 'myth'? Does it matter and to whom? :) Who determines the matter? - all comes back to POV (point of view). Some may believe Krishna is a myth,...and any number of divinities/gods/goddesses...they are all 'figures' of 'MIND',...personifications of 'God',...the Supreme Being or Reality behind all forms. - back to the value and context of mythology, - 'how' it is employed, and what aspects or useful or not useful in any context.
    I've shared before, that whether Jesus is 'historical' or 'mythical' (have fun defning those lol)...does it matter? Like other religous figures, gods, goddesses, we reverence, value, worship them in our heart/soul/imagination,...and so get some kind of 'effect' from that, religiously/spiritually, etc. The universal mythos of Christ remains, as originally revealed in ancient pagan traditions...and we see a golden thread thruout. Interpreted mythically/allegorically...the "Christ Story" still have value as a model-context for our own religious experience. May share more on this :)
    Hello. Thanks for the compliment. You're a "good kid". I hope you'll decide to stick around until at least the ripe old age of 50. I've seen 43 and it's not as bad as it sounds. :)
    no, there are also a great deal of christian conservatives, which makes the statewide IQ instantly higher than the "wild wild east". I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could :thumb:
    Well,...u know the freelight :) - I keep beaming ;) - did u catch my post on ur 'historical jesus' thread?
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