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    Jesus Christ is coming to save those that BELIEVE on Him, and they are not all Jews! Jewish expectation was wrong in the first century, and it's STILL wrong, just as wrong as dispensationalism. As a mof, disp doctrine is derived from the same heresy, and supposes that God's plan revovles entirely around the Jews rather than around Jesus Christ and those faithful to obey Him!
    Who says that the REMAINING Jews whom he will save at Jerusalem do NOT or will NOT believe on or in Him (the Messiah)? They only will not know who He was or is UNTIL He reveals himself to them, and thusly fulfill Zechariah's prophecy. That is why Isaiah explains that those who are alive will be holy. All of the wicked Jews will have been killed off (see a precursor parallel among the "Jews" of ancient America when Christ appeared to them in like manner after his resurrection (3rd Nephi, 11 in The Book of Mormon)).

    Regarding "Israel", there are those who are more full-blooded literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to whom the promises were made, and there are those who are either of a thinner blood (blood or lineage of Israel mixed with gentile blood), or are adopted into Israel, who are so according to the covenant (they make) to keep God's law and to be counted among His children (and those of Abraham). Its NOT an either or situation -- there are and will be some of BOTH original Israel and of the gentiles (or nations) among "ultimate Israel".



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        That is wayyy coooollll!!!


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          Are you gonna get a shirt with your name on it?


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            Do the combatants each get a free shirt?


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              If they do, I hereby volunteer to take Knight on about fish tacos....

              Although, I agree with him, I'll do anything for something free!


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                I'll do anything for something free!
                Me too - free stuff is cool! I got a free t-shirt today.

                I had no interest in doing a formal debate, until I saw that shirt! A freebie might change my mind.


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                  It might just be enough to entice me...


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                    Where'd you get the free shirt today?


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                      Yes AJ I am pretty excited about getting a shirt with my name on it!!! But actually we don't get one for free.... I am going to buy one. (sorry John) I still psyched anyway. I doesn't take much... I am very, very easily amused.


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                        cirisme: Where'd you get the free shirt today?
                        A vendor stopped by and gave it to me.

                        Another vendor is coming on Friday - she always brings Krispy Kremes. FREE Krispy Kremes.
                        Dee Dee: I doesn't take much... I am very, very easily amused.
                        LOL, me too!

                        Oh, and by the way....TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK


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                          Dear JohnV:

                          Oh, and by the way....TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK
                          !!! You know, for a futurist, you ain't half bad I found that very amusing and actually laughed out loud (I AM a cheap date aren't I??). And you should know by know that I am unbearably cocky enough not to be worried about it.


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                            Dear Soulman:

                            Keep up the good work. You are my hero.
                            Thank you so much (blush)... well I certainly hope that I don't let the preterist cause down in this here debate!!


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                              Exposition of Matthew 24

                              Some say this is one of the most difficult chapters in the New Testament. As the chapter opens, Jesus begins to give general signs of the destruction of Jerusalem (24:4-14). There are to be trouble days ahead. There are to be famines and earthquakes. Persecutions of the Christians is predicted and we read of this coming to James, Stephen, and Paul and others.

                              Then we are directed to specific signs of the destruction ( Matthew 24:15:28; Dan 9:27). Daniel speaks of this and Matthew and Mark record the statement by inspiration (Matthew 24:15; Mark 12:13). Daniel uses this phrase three times (Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11). Luke helps us by identifying it with the Roman armies. “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh” (Luke 21:20). A careful reading of these verses will indicate that it was a local destruction ( Matthew 24:16:21). Josephus notes that when Jerusalem was destroyed that 97,000 were taken captive and 1,000,000 were killed.

                              As one reads the accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem, he must accept it as being written in apocalyptic language (Matthew 24:29-33). In this manner, Isaiah describes the downfall of Babylon (Isa. 13:1; 10 and verses following). It a like manner, he also describes the downfall of Edom (Isaiah (34:1-5). In this manner Ezekiel describes the destruction of Egypt (Ezekiel 32:1-8). So what we see in Matthew is not unique to scriptures. The coming of Christ here is not the final coming but rather His coming in Judgment upon the Jewish nation. He came on the day of Pentecost after His resurrection to establish His kingdom, but it was not the final coming (Matthew 16:27-28; 26:64). Angels and messengers are English translations of one Greek term in the New Testament ( Matthew 11:10; Luke 7:24,27; 9:52). It is granted that the language is difficult, but the problem is intensified if any other interpretation is offered. If this language is made to be applied to the end of time, the warning would be too late to be helpful. In the parable of the fig tree, Jesus shows that this language is meant to apply to that generation. When they saw it they world know that the time of destruction was near, prompting them to flee. The time text (Matthew 24:34) “this generation” is to be plainly understood. The phrase in this context means contemporaneous existence.

                              The remainder of the chapter deals with the end of the time (Matthew 24:36-51). We know this by the transition text “that hour.”(v.36). In the earlier section abnormal events are common (famine, earthquakes etc.), while in this section the times are very normal with people going about their normal activities of life. In the earlier section the fig tree gave warning of impending destruction, but in the later section the “thief” gives no warning. Events in the earlier section are local in nature (Judea, the Sabbath, and the temple ), while in the later section universal judgment is described. In the earlier section saints are urged to flee; in the second, they are “taken.” In the earlier section there is a note of imminence while in the later section “delay’ is suggested.

                              I believe the great warning of the chapter is to watch and be prepared. Great Tribulation will come, but only to the unprepared. We see the warning continues through the next chapter and the emphasis being on the final coming of Christ in judgment. May we come to understand and accept this important chapter as the truth which it is, and may we take its warnings seriously.



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                                Dear Just a Christian:

                                As you are aware, we agree on a lot, and you should have no problem with anything in my first post in the Battle as it comports perfectly with your understanding.