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    Originally posted by Vaquero45 View Post
    I've been to Tombstone, was about 20 years ago I'd guess. When I was there the OK Corral site had some cheesy cutouts or manikins of cowboys standing around the site. As I recall it was a big lot covered in pea gravel. Was interesting tho'. I think there was a reenactment, there was at least a bunch of cowboys yelling at each other and shooting blanks at each other.

    I've also been to Deadwood S. Dakota where Bill Hickok was shot. The chair he was supposedly sitting in was on a ledge above the door of the saloon. I was very young, don't remember much about it.

    (EDIT) I just "googled" about the Hickok scene, it seems that it is not the real saloon where the chair is displayed, (saloon was burned out in a fire) and very likely not the real chair.
    Oh man re-enactment...we have re-enactments of the civil war with roundheads and royalists. I'd like to see a re-enactment of some of those historic events.
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