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  • Originally posted by Tambora View Post
    Stay on topic or be removed from the thread.

    This is not a Trump bashing thread.
    Go to another thread for that.


    • Originally posted by patrick jane View Post
      I'm not surprised, the more Trump keeps winning the more the bashers have to reach into the distant past for Fake News. Shameful.
      How quick they forget - for the last 8 years, conservative "birthers," under the leadership of "Sir Donald," were trying to convince the American public that the it was unconstitutional for Barrack Obama to elected President!

      Now that Trump is President, they presume to lecture the rest of us about "Fake News" with a straight face - oblivious to the fact that they had spent all those years promoting a lie!


      • Originally posted by Arthur Brain View Post
        "Get on board"? Get on board with what? The "Trump train"? Cos that's what this thread seems pretty much tantamount to. Your idea of 'making America great again' seems to revolve around just that.

        It is not 'hating America' to want that embarrassing, sexually assaulting, inept, egotistical crank out of the WH and someone at least remotely qualified to be at the helm of your country Tam. It is anything but. You get that? Now if you just wanna post a continual stream of cringe inducing 'I Love Trump' videos and a place to say how much you love the tic-tac eating groper under the guise of MAGA with no dissenting voices allowed then crack on with it and you can report away until the only people on your blog (cos that's what it would effectively be) are all removed or banned.

        Don't be dishonest enough to confuse the recognition of one of the loosest canons in presidential history to be one with hating your country though, because it most certainly isn't.
        Originally posted by jgarden View Post

        How quick they forget - for the last 8 years, conservative "birthers," under the leadership of "Sir Donald," were trying to convince the American public that the it was unconstitutional for Barrack Obama to elected President!

        Now that Trump is President, they presume to lecture the rest of us about "Fake News" with a straight face - oblivious to the fact that they had spent all those years promoting a lie!
        Ill-mannered, low class, hate filled, lying trolls is all you two are being today.
        Just couldn't let anyone here have a nice time and be happy about things, could ya?
        Hell no! You will have none of that!
        You would rather moan and groan about every little thing and make everyone miserable.
        On and on and on, yall's hatred and put downs are all you live for in every single thread.
        It's pathetic and you are being nothing but devious uncouth little trolls.

        Did your mothers not teach you any manners at all???????????????????????
        Can ya have any?
        Just for one thread?????????
        Ya just gotta keep being jerks.
        And on Christmas, at that.

        We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
        They already know monsters exist.
        We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.


        • Originally posted by patrick jane View Post
          I didn't and I don't know if anybody here did, but again, who cares?
          For 8 years, "The Donald" did everything in his power to undermine the legitimacy of America's first "black" President - but the moment he enters the White House, we're all supposed to join hands and sing "Kumbaya!"

          Trump is "reaping" exactly what he "sowed!"


          • Originally posted by jgarden View Post

            Trump is "reaping" exactly what he "sowed!"
            Trump is reaping the sweet smell of victory.


            • Trump Tax Reform

              Now the Republicans, with a straight face, are attempting to revert back to fiscal conservatives, targeting government social programs to pay for their $1.5 trillion donation to their wealthy donors - otherwise known as "THE SWAMP!"


              • Trump Tax Reform

                There doesn't appear to be any question that "The Donald" will be one of the big winners when this Republican tax legislation takes effect!

                If this had been a Democratic Administration, our conservative "friends" would have been shouting "conflict of interests" from the rooftops and demanding that a Democratic president make their tax returns public!

                Thusfar, the silence on RIGHT has been deafening!


                • Originally posted by kmoney View Post
                  I don't think this counts as a conflict of interest. The Republicans are the party of tax cuts and the party that believes in trickle down economics. It's natural that a tax bill they come up with would benefit a wealthy businessman. I think it's silly at best to look at this as a conflict of interest or some scheme to personally benefit the president. Unless you can point to a specific item in the bill that seems like it's designed to benefit Trump. I know people have made a lot of the pass-through cuts that will help Trump's business but I don't think you can say with any kind of confidence that that provision was inserted because Trump is President.

                  Trump's tax reform plan: Who are the winners and losers?

                  ************************************************** *******************************
                  Corporations with high tax rates:
                  - lowers the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent
                  - lowers the tax rate for small businesses to 25 percent

                  Heirs to large estates:
                  - eliminates the so-called death tax, or estate tax, he federal estate tax which typically affects wealthier Americans

                  People who do their own taxes:
                  - Republicans hoped to simplify the tax code and the way Americans file their taxes

                  High-income households:
                  - multiple tax cuts for high-income taxpayers, including the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax

                  Low-income households:
                  - doubles the standard deduction, which reduces the amount of taxed income, to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples
                  - also increases the child tax credit

                  ************************************************** *******************************
                  Taxpayers in high-tax states:
                  - eliminates state and local tax deductions, meaning taxpayers in states with high taxes will lose out on the write-off
                  - impacts those in mostly blue states, such as California and New York

                  - the plan would streamline the tax process, less people would potentially need to hire tax accountants, lawyers and firms
                  - Trump has said he wants to put H&R Block "out of business"

                  National debt:
                  - would result in approximately $2.2 trillion of net tax cuts - a blow to the national debt, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said

                  State and local deductions:

                  - President Trump and the GOP aim to get rid of state and local tax deductions, or SALT,
                  - some advocates say eliminating SALT could generate at least $1.3 trillion in revenue over a decade for the federal government
                  - could create a red-blue state divide and a sticking point to passing tax reform

                  Social programs:
                  - greatly reduced amount of tax collections the plan calls for could result in cuts to domestic spending on programs such as welfare programs and education


                  Despite the rhetoric, the tax legislation provides only temporary cuts to the middle and low-income groups, but permanent cuts for corporations.

                  The bills provides for multiple benefits for "high-income households" and their heirs - for which "The Donald" and his family are members in good standing!

                  Trump could always make his tax returns public to make sceptics like me eat our words - the fact that he refuses speaks volumes!

                  Given the haste with which it was enacted, bypassing Congressional Committees and public hearings, would anybody be surprised if it contained many "sweetheart" deals that could not have withstood public scrutiny?

                  Last edited by jgarden; December 31st, 2017, 08:39 PM.


                  • Perhaps the one feature of the Republican bill that "The Donald" would stand to profit the most are the new tax provisions for "pass-through" income.

                    As the pie graph shows, any tax reductions on this form of income benefits one particular group - the top 1%!


                    • Originally posted by jgarden View Post

                      Mohammedan invader asks Germans, and all Europeans, a very good question

                      One wonders if the German chancellor, or any other elected leader, would sit on their hands and refuse to take action that would prevent the repeat of one individual killing 58 innocent bystanders and wounding another 500+?

                      We all know that if he had been a Muslim "terrorist," Trump and his supporters would all be demanding immediate action - but given that it was one crazed individual, exercising his 2nd Amendment rights, they choose to side with the NRA and ignore it!
                      We don't have to worry about what the German Chancellor would have done, because we can easily see the response to the rape occurring after significant Muslim immigration.



                      • Originally posted by Nihilo View Post
                        You lying moron.
                        I'm sorry but "The Donald" has exclusive rights to that term!

                        The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
                        - John Kenneth Galbraith


                        • Having read the TOL Commandments, I fail to see under what authority that "patrick jane" can presume to establish his own private thread whereby summarily excluding any and all dissenting opinion.

                          Having been a member since 2007, I was always under the impression that the forums in Theology Online were established to encourage a robust discussion concerning a variety of topics - within the established guidelines!

                          "Patrick jane" has already created his private thread in Politics, "Donald J. Trump - Amazing First Year," whose access he manipulates by repeatedly opening and closing - thus ensuring that he is the one and only individual allowed to express an opinion!

                          I realize that Theology Online is a private enterprise, but given that it is also open to public participation, I fail to see as to what purpose is being served by dispensing with the 1st Amendment and allowing certain individual OPs to assert that their threads constitute their private domains!

                          Does TOL really want to establish the precedent of allowing individual OPs the power to decide which members and what opinions may or may not be expressed in their threads?

                          To condone this course of action would fundamentally undermine the purpose of TOL, allow a growing number of threads to be controlled by cliques and transfer the authority to regulate TOL from the moderators to individual OPs.
                          Last edited by jgarden; January 6th, 2018, 09:44 PM.


                          • Originally posted by patrick jane View Post

                            Closing paragraph - Just scratching the surface

                            This doesn’t even cover 5% of it or even get into the ‘Breadcrumbs’ that Q posted. Regardless of whether you choose to believe Q Anon or not, the momentum that this has created is enormous. Americans have felt a lot of this in their gut for a long time, that something just wasn’t quiet right with these people. ‘Stay strong, have Faith and Pray. The Patriots are in control now.’
                            "Patrick jane" is tilting at "windmills" - the "deep state" is "The Donald's" 2018 version of the "birther movement," an imaginary opponent that serves as a convenient target for those suffering from denial!

                            "Birtherism" allowed a certain segment of the population to assert that Americas first "black" President did not meet the constitutional requirements - without making an overt reference to race!

                            The "deep state" provides the Trump Administration with a convenient diversion away from dilemmas of its own making, and a designated excuse for its lack of success.

                            Like the 3 million imaginary illegal voters who all cast ballots in favour of Hillary in 2016, the "deep state" is just the latest fantasy of an alt-right "cottage industry" that generates conservative fairy tales, each more improbable than the one that preceded it!


                            • The "Clinton Body count" scam fell apart a long time ago. Jokers did similar ones for Ronald Reagan and Mother Theresa.

                              The Trump body count is growing as well...

                              This message is hidden because ...


                              • Originally posted by ffreeloader View Post
                                Don't you know that entire documentary is nothing but a vast right wing conspiracy against the Clintons?

                                And to figure out, without testing for it, that a couple of kids had gotten so high on pot that they had kicked, stabbed, and beaten each other to death before wrapping themselves in a tarp and then lying down on the railroad tracks is miraculous. The man was absolutely prescient.
                                The story is better than that. Story was that Mena, Arkansas was a drop-off point for Contra drug smuggling during the Reagan years, with CIA approval and protection. The Contra drug trafficking is known, but the CIA investigated the story and concluded that they had nothing to do with it.

                                Be that as it may, it appears that these two kids stumbled into the operation, and someone on the site decided they'd be better off dead.
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