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  1. BEL Earthquake Warning Policy Alert
  2. Kerry Lee Morgan Debates Bob on States' Rights
  3. Steve Deace Goes National
  4. Real Science Friday: Irene & Virginia: Hurricanes and Earthquakes
  5. Ryan Sorba on Ann Coulter Coming Out for Gays
  6. Denver Drug Store Wont Sell Abortifacients
  7. Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck
  8. Bob, Barton, Beck, Coulter, Gregg, Howse & 6%
  9. Real Science Friday: Whale of a Tale, Telethon, & Saturn's Rings
  10. Moriah, Penalty, Matrix, Israel, Vegas, God, Exists, Eggs
  11. What to Do When a Criminal Attacks; and Europe
  12. Is Water Baptism Required for Salvation?
  13. Personhood Beats ACLU in Court; Election is On!
  14. Real Science Friday: Seat Belt Needed to Hear About DNA Replication
  15. Rush & Rand Paul; Bob's Youngest Boys
  16. Tom Tancredo Not at Liberty, But at CRTL
  17. Kevin Swanson's Pre-Banquet Visit with BEL
  18. Bankruptcy, Divorce & Wolf Blitzer's Dying Man
  19. Real Science Friday: World Renowned Cornell Geneticist Rejects Darwin
  20. Understand the Bible's Details!
  21. World Atlas Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader
  22. Report from the U.N. on Palestine
  23. UN Walkout and Executions
  24. Real Science Friday: CERN Might Have Broken Light's Speed Limit
  25. Lose the Green Jobs; Win the Drug War
  26. Matt Barber Pedophiles Coming Out of the Closet
  27. Bob & Doug on Pot
  28. California Teacher Sneezes, Emits Evil Spirits
  29. Real Science Friday: Flat Earth Society & PZ Myers Believe in Evolution
  30. The Death Penalty Could Have Saved Amanda Knox
  31. Federal Banditos Running Guns
  32. Bob Talks to Marty the Pagan
  33. Bob Talks to Marty the Pagan Pt. 2
  34. Real Science Friday: Bees Think Faster than a Super Computer!
  35. Alan Keyes' Personhood Speech at Colorado RTL
  36. BEL Listeners Coming Through
  37. God Gives Waiver to States
  38. Occupy Wall Street's Right to Happiness
  39. Real Science Friday Interviews ID Author Jonathan Witt
  40. Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal
  41. What's a Euro Pat Pot Liberal To Do
  42. Pro-abort Fred Draws Straws, Gets Bob
  43. Pro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws, Gets Bob
  44. Real Science Friday Interviews ID Author Jonathan Witt Pt. 2
  45. Cain, why is thy countenance fallen?
  46. Pepsi Eats Their Young
  47. Ray Comfort on BEL about "180" The Movie
  48. Police Officer Shares His Faith with Criminals
  49. Real Science Friday: 10 Universities & Institutes Confirm Dino Tissue
  50. Mississippi Reports on Personhood Election
  51. Bob's Wife Cheryl Calls in from Mississippi
  52. "Courageous" Actor Ken Bevel & Mississippi Update
  53. Real Science Friday: "Alleged" -- The Scopes Monkey Trial Movie
  54. Victory Crashed Down On Their Heads
  55. The Economics of Personhood
  56. Haley Barbour Legacy: Vote No on Life Amendment
  57. The BloodWorker Network
  58. Real Science Friday: Anti-Creationist AronRa YouTube Star
  59. Anti-Creationist AronRa YouTube Star Pt. 2
  60. Anti-Creationist AronRa YouTube Star on RSF Pt. 3
  61. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Crime Report
  62. Anti-Creationist AronRa: Round Two
  63. The Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment
  64. Christina for the Homeless
  65. Not Your Typical Thanksgiving Show
  66. "I Struggle with Prayer" Means What?
  67. Real Science Friday: RSF's Fred Williams Weighs in on AronRa
  68. Real Science Friday: AronRa Round Two - Pt. 2
  69. Real Science Friday: AronRa Round Two - Pt. 3
  70. Bob Enyart in Round Two with AronRa - Pt 4
  71. Jaden Discusses Personhood Misinformation
  72. Real Science Friday: Bacteria Smarter than Fish
  73. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  74. Antisocial Networking Etiquette
  75. US Senate for Bestiality
  76. Laurie Roth for President
  77. Real Science Friday: Black holes, vision, & mammoths
  78. Bob and Doug Tivo Tebow
  79. Doug Tebows in Court
  80. Bachmann, Santorum & Gingrich Sign Pledge
  81. Bob's Gambling Picks
  82. Real Science Friday: Plants Couldn't Evolve UV Protection
  83. Real Science Friday: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
  84. Kim Jong-il? No, he's dead
  85. Replying to Ron Paul's Facebook Supporters
  86. When Moral Consistency is Good or Bad
  87. Real Science Friday: Stretching Out the Heavens
  88. Personhood USA Questions Ron Paul's Commitment
  89. Mason & Deace Talk with Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, & Perry
  90. Bob Accused of Mis-applying Scripture
  91. Real Science Friday: Perfect Camouflage of Color Blind Octopus
  92. Episcopal Church Member Gets Saved!
  93. For Once, A Righteous Political Calculation
  94. Personhood Pledgers Get 75% of Iowa Vote
  95. Tebow, Jefferson & Guns for Christmas
  96. Real Science Friday: Evolutionist admits ape-to-man fossils an "illusion"
  97. Tim Tebow's NFL Records
  98. Please Join Bob in Ft. Morgan on Jan. 26
  99. No Need To Tithe
  100. Tim Tebow's NFL Records
  101. Real Science Friday: Preview of Our List of Not So Old Things
  102. Bob Enyart's Evolve Program
  103. What's Not Happening This Week
  104. How to Tebow Right!
  105. Meet Townhall's Mike Adams
  106. Real Science Friday's 2012 List of Not So Old Things
  107. Randall Terry's in the Democratic Primary
  108. Moving the Lexicon Right
  109. Prisoners Pull Tooth, Taunt Town
  110. Don't Get Fooled, Buy This Book!
  111. Real Science Friday: List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2
  112. Missionary to Burma
  113. Komen Pulls Planned Parenthood Funding
  114. Mitt Fumbles the Base
  115. Real Science Friday: Portuguese Man-of-War Made of Four Animals
  116. Komen, Khamenei & the Caucuses
  117. Bush's Solicitor General Fights for Homosexual Marriage
  118. Santorum Shocks the World
  119. Bob and Leslie's Big Adventure
  120. Real Science Friday: Old Birds and Fish Fins
  121. Limbaugh Cites Abortion Breast Cancer Link
  122. Mr. Santorum: Please Re-Think Abortion Regulations
  123. SensaHeart and Stem Cells Repairing Hearts
  124. Doug & Gregg: Send $20k to End this Telethon!
  125. League of Reason's AronRa in Round Two
  126. Colorado's Fetal Homicide Bill
  127. Romney & Satan: A Brief Review
  128. A Day In Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas
  129. Government Schools & Waterloo
  130. Real Science Friday: Bob Has a Great Weight on His Shoulders
  131. Beware of the Public School
  132. The Man in the Home is the Man in the Booth
  133. Senator Catches Fire: Dies
  134. Gone Gaga
  135. Real Science Friday Predicts: Two-mile Deep Lake To Surprise Russians
  136. It's Not a Miracle
  137. CO Supreme Court OKs Personhood Initiative
  138. Bob Says: Bleach Nurse, Press Paul
  139. The Gospel, Justice & Ethics
  140. Real Science Friday: Good Mutations Occurring On Demand
  141. DBC's Nick Morgan on Bible Languages
  142. Trading Tim Tebow
  143. Real Science Friday: The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity
  144. Somebody Has To Be in the Closet
  145. Mark Crutcher on Abortion Violence Against Women
  146. It's a Girl = 37 Million Dead
  147. Stupid is as stupid does
  148. Friday's Nationwide Rally Against Obamacare
  149. Duane Influences His Church
  150. Real Science Friday: Remember the Nautiloids!
  151. The Hunger Games and October Baby
  152. Nothing Says Love Like...
  153. Strong Delusion
  154. Ken Goes Scott Free
  155. Real Science Friday: Dinosaurs, Fossils & Montana's Best Museum
  156. Jason Burkey star of October Baby on BEL
  157. Russ Haas: A Wealth of History
  158. Bill, Hillary, and Obama All on BEL
  159. Strong Delusion
  160. Real Science Friday: Stars in Galaxy Bulges "Look Too Perfect"
  161. Attorney General, Meet the SBC President
  162. Bob Dreams Santorum Endorses Mitt
  163. When God Changes the Law
  164. Finally! A Shovel Ready (Manure) Project
  165. Real Science Friday: Now, Two Million Year-Old Leaves?
  166. Colorado Republicans Disappear Romney
  167. Orfa Gives Us A Ring
  168. ADD: Adult Discipline Disorder
  169. The Huffington Pots
  170. Real Science Friday: ASU Admits 90% of Marine Life Killed
  171. Republicans Blocking Personhood in Oklahoma
  172. Update from OK's Abolition Society
  173. 2007-2012 Five Year Review
  174. Meet the New CRTL President
  175. Real Science Friday: Best Cell Biology DVD Ever Made!
  176. Osteen, Gaga and MacAuther
  177. Interview With Dr. Klingenschmitt
  178. What Do Cows Think About Freedom?
  179. Praying for Chen Guangcheng
  180. Real Science Friday: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?
  181. Tom Hoefling for President -- 2012
  182. Go ahead! Throw away your vote!
  183. Marriage: Now Romney Pulls Obama To The Left
  184. What Romney's Mormon Relative Says
  185. Real Science Friday: Good Little Rat, Bad Little Bat
  186. An Equal Opportunity Basher
  187. Falling Backwards into "Right"
  188. Dead Men Rising
  189. The Robomney Effect
  190. Real Science Friday: Now the Gorilla Genome Doesn't Fit
  191. PRO-LIFE VICTORY: Pepsi Boycott Ends!
  192. Dump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's Lap
  193. Why is KGOV down?
  194. Dump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's Lap pt. 2
  195. AFA's Bryan Fisher on Romney on BEL
  196. The Real Science Friday Caveman Show
  197. Vatican Launching Europe's Personhood Petition Drive
  198. Reasons #472 through #478
  199. Thank you Mr. Enyart for your ministry
  200. You ask amiss, you get John Roberts
  201. Real Science Friday Risks Neck on Whale-of-an-Eel Story
  202. Personhood USA's Jonathan Sutherland in BEL Studio
  203. Fox News Gets Wrong Sex Selection Answer
  204. Public School Worker Retires, Calls BEL
  205. Real Science Friday: Electron Lab Director Brings Dino Tissue to RSF
  206. Cal Zastrow Sues Montana for Censorship Law
  207. Mormon Underwear Expected at Parade
  208. Tony Massey and the Voice of Choice Sting
  209. Beware of Boy Scout Board Member Jim Turley
  210. Real Science Friday: Microbiologist Anderson on Epigenetics
  211. Bob & Doug on Barry's Body Count
  212. No, We Can't All Just Get Along
  213. BEL Interviews Latest Chicago Cubs Draftee
  214. Real Science Friday: University of South Carolina Astronomer on RSF
  215. Don't Worship Democracy
  216. America's Grandpa. GUILTY!
  217. KGOV down?
  218. Colorado is Falling to Pieces
  219. Nat'l RTL's John Roberts Upholds Obamacare
  220. Real Science Friday: Geneticist re. Christianity Today Denying Adam
  221. Romneycare Upheld & Abe Lincoln Felled
  222. Unauthorized Recording: NRTL 5 Years Later
  223. Can Win for Losing
  224. Real Science Friday Interviews Walter ReMine
  225. Bob Debates AUL Lawyer Paul Linton On Personhood
  226. A Godly Political Process
  227. Pot, the Plot, & Whatnot
  228. Real Science Friday Interviews Walter ReMine Pt. 2
  229. Jo & Leslie Make the Case, Bob Gets Signatures
  230. Paterno, Penney's, Sandusky, Unleashed on USA
  231. Calvary Chapel Pastor Dave on BEL
  232. Bob Declares His Independence
  233. America's Murder Epidemic: Causes and Solutions
  234. Causes and Solutions to U.S. Epidemic Pt. 2
  235. NCAA Hits Penn State Hard
  236. Hollywood Directors Agree on Violent Movies
  237. Daddy Look!
  238. Real Science Friday: ReMine on the Origin of Sexual Reproduction
  239. Abortionist Kills "Ugly Black Babies"
  240. Baking with Chef Bob
  241. The Bible and Abortion
  242. The Bible and Abortion Pt. 2
  243. Real Science Friday: Walter ReMine on Haldane's Dilemma
  244. Personhood Petitions All Turned In
  245. Tebow, Boomer & Personhood's Latest Victory
  246. Abortionist Still Killing "Ugly Black Babies"
  247. An UN-holy AIDS Report
  248. Real Science Friday's YoungEarth.org
  249. The Man Who Baptized Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade
  250. Recalling the U.S. Senate Hindu Prayer Interrupted