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Who Posted?

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guess which thread this is


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The "chrys is a moron" thread? :idunno:


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he is part of the 'in crowd'

Seems like there's a Thread on that stuff, and nothing will come of it. It's too much of the brotherhood garbage of what's wrong with ( ?christians ) today. - Christian Forums are the most hateful of (( ALL groups of anything of people )).

Can you imagine if this kind of hate were in Walmart, or the Army, or among the Autoworkers, or the Police force, or any / "ANY" buisness, or any people trying to ( Prosper / "Trying to Prosper"!!! )???? -- Welcome to "Hypocrisy Hate Haven" / "The New and Modern ?Christian"!!

Paul -- 010113


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so go ahead and click on the Replies number
find out who is posting in your not so favorite thread


If you post a whole lot in a thread you don't like, it's guaranteed to go away! :thumb:

Similarly, if there's a poster you can't stand, the best way to get them to go away or change their behavior is to attack them every time they post.


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I am going to get blamed anyway

I was trying to think who you reminded me of here, and then it came to me:


Hey chrys, how about a new avatar for a new year? :)


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guess how many are on my side