"What's the risk of indoor dining if you're fully vaccinated?"


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Answer: Yes
Indoor dining in a restaurant definitely has more risk
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think about the vaccine as a very good raincoat. If it's drizzling outside — if the level of infection isn't very high — the vaccines will protect very well. But if it's a constant thunderstorm, then there's a higher chance of getting wet. A vaccinated person is at higher risk when surrounded by a lot of people who could be infected with Covid-19, and that's what occurring throughout the US right now.
(Also you might be fatally allergic to the raincoat. Although I'm not anti-vax or a denier, the odds are long ---- but they're not impossible.)
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Wen: The risk of air travel is pretty low and can be reduced further if you are wearing a high-quality mask like an N95 or KN95. The bigger concern is what happens once you get to your destination...