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I'm Clemence, a Man of God/Allah, trained by The Mormons and by a friend of the Ahmadiyya.
I also value the positions of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Jesusanity (Christianity without moralising),
Islam (without compulsion), various forms of Buddhism, some Hindu Gods (notably Ganesha and Krishna)
and the politics of Meritocracy Socialism (as defined by me).
I also consider myself to be a scientist of the calibre of Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins.
And I'm also a Unitarian in that I believe that science and religion are both of God,
and that science without religion is lame, whereas religion without science is blind.

You can call me Clem, Brother Clem or Father Clem (to show respect when such respect seems appropriate),
and I call myself a Multi-Faith and Secular Pastor,
who can heal the scars of trauma and abuse (I'm a psychologist too).
And I'm here because I'd like some help with clearing up few theological issues,
some of which are non-trivial, and even controversial.
And, I'd also be happy to offer other members my take on their issues and concerns,
whenever they might see potential value of benefit from me doing this !!


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Hello - I'm new the name's Guyver. I look forward to discussions with people that actually "believe."
I s

I'd love for us to support each other in our growth in Christ.
I suggest you start a thread here where 'Proper Christians' like me can join with you in exploring matters that you feel guided to look into.

But to guide you in choosing a posting thread title I would invite to to think on what you might like to achieve through joining with believers in the kind if discussions you have in mind.

Faith, hope & charity, Clem.


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I wish this thread would be closed...it seems to me that many say hello here and get missed because often no-one looks in this thread....ok I'm in a bad mood [grrrumpity grump]

Hello everyone that I missed :wave:

Post a thread with a title relevant to your needs (spiritual or even material, and the right kind of people will join you fast.

Faith, hope & charity, Clem.


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Hello. I'm Susan. What is the "theology" of this message board? Is there a particular slant that is held by the management or is the management diverse?


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Well, I registered here back in Feb,'16 and never posted anything that I remember. I have visited a couple of times since. Now I would like to respond to a post, but I find I'm not permitted due to the rules. Help me out guys, get me started.


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That's the place alright. But I don't have the permission to access the page to apply for membership. I don't have the number of posts and days I guess. How do I handle this?


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That's the place alright. But I don't have the permission to access the page to apply for membership. I don't have the number of posts and days I guess. How do I handle this?

You need (I think) 25 posts and to be here 7 days - I see you've got the days but not the posts. Try applying for the club membership after you've passed that 25 post line. :)


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I joined on 05/11. Is my account activated? Everytime I want to do something I get the 'no permission' box. Why? What do I need to do ?
Hello I'm Mary and a brand new member. . .

I have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. I'm a Born Again Christian who just happens to belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

I attended an evangelical church about 16 years ago for 6 years. There I had an awakening that made everything come alive. I came to realize just who I was in Christ Jesus and everything was so very clear after that.
I gave my life to the Lord, was baptized, and carried the message of salvation to those I could.

I would like to meet other members of the Roman Catholic faith who have had this same experience and who I can talk about my faith in Jesus with.

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