Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News


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Newsmax Offers Tucker Carlson Colossal Deal

On Monday FOX News announced that they had parted ways with their top-rated prime-time host Tucker Carlson.

This came as a shock to many of his devoted fans in the populist movement.

By Monday evening Tucker Carlson already had at least one offer. One America News founder and CEO Robert Herring extended an invitation to Tucker Carlson to meet and negotiate a deal to become part of the OAN team.

On Saturday TMZ reported that Newsmax is courting the top-rated cable news host.

According to TMZ, Newsmax is even sweetening the deal and offering him control over the entire Newsmax lineup.

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Media Matters attempts to smear Tucker, epic fail

The bigger problem here is for the current Fox News talent, who see these videos getting leaked. The message it sends to them is that the network that relies on them is essentially spying on them, keeping behind-the-scenes footage that it thinks might embarrass them if they ever fall out of line.

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But that changed in Obama’s second term, Carlson correctly said:

Oh no, we’re not post-racial. All we’re going to talk about is race and make each other hate each other on the basis of race. I don’t think most Americans hate each other on the basis of their ethnic differences. I think a lot of that is just a lie, actually, designed to distract people.
I just think that at some point, you have to call it what it is—which is lying. And lying with a very specific purpose, which is to avert your gaze, to pull your attention away from the things that matter. That’s not news coverage. That’s just classic propaganda.