Trupp's POTD 9-12-2008

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Number 3 - autistic children choose to be born autistic. This I have never heard from a christian. I have however heard this being said by someone who believed in the teachings of yogananda. I think it fits with most new-age beliefs. The rest I have unfortunately heard quite a bit. I think it goes both ways though, atheists can be just as ridiculous with their methods of debating.

Atheists guide to Christian's

1. Make sure the christian knows that you are so much smarter than they are because you have figured out that logically there can be no God.

2. Tell them how stupid their religious practices are.

3. Criticize the hypocrisy of christians.

4. Refer to the FSM as a comparison to God.

5. Throw in a few ad hominem's.

6. Talk about the atrocities committed in God's name compared to all of the good works atheists/agnostics do.

7. Ignore any argument points the christian may make, simply list the rest of your arguments - the best defense is a good offense.

8. Always ask: why doesn't God heal amputees?

9. If they don't have a good answer to the above question or even if they do then ha you have disproved the existence of God because he doesn't answer their prayers.

10. If none of these things work than don't worry they are just deluded and haven't got the reasoning powers to come to the same logical conclusion as you that there most certainly is no God.

Priceless :)

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