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Regardless of whether I agree with someone or not I do like someone who is willing to stand up for their beliefs hence my choice of this post.

NB: I do agree with OSAS, just some of the other stuff AMR come out with I don't.

Money where your mouth is does not appeal to you? :sigh:

If someone does your work for you and finds your supposed spelled out case, are you willing to defend it substantively or will you just tell the person to go read Shanks, Sanders, etc? What does it take to get you all alone in a forum to go head to head on the many false views you have about the security of the believer?

How about this as a challenge:
Meet me in a 1:1 challenge on the topic on the security of the believer, where you give your word to substantively (Greek, Hebrew, etc.) engage in the discussion. You can even enlist the support of anyone, as long as that support is given to you privately. I will solemnly promise to rely on no outside support from other persons other than my own personal resources (lexicons, texts, etc).

At the conclusion of the 1:1, if the popular opinion is that you have bested me, I will forever leave TOL and never darken its doors again. If, on the other hand, I am shown to have prevailed against you, then you will either: (1) leave TOL forever, or (2) publicly renounce your false believe that the true believer can lose their salvation.

Some logistics:
1. Ten rounds each, with substantive content that has no length limitation imposed, other than any inherent maximums of the vBulletin, v. 3.6.5 TOL software.
2. One day max between rounds.
3. You can lead off with the first round.
4. Citations must include full texts (links, extracted portions, etc.) so others not having access to the materials used can follow along.
5. Greek and Hebrew transliterations only, again, so others can follow along using their concordances.
6. Use of ad hominems, while discouraged, is not grounds for abandoning the 1:1.
7. You select the version of the Scriptures to use. I prefer the ESV or NASB, but it will be your choice to make.

Actually this is a chance for you to do TOL a service, for no matter how the debate ends, popular opinion would likely go in your favor just to rid TOL of the evil Calvinist, AMR.:chuckle: This is a win-win proposal that only a fool would reject.
What say ye?
Not open for further replies.