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You can't spend it, but it just might buy a presidency. And that has many a traditional, beltway politico running scared. In fact, there are so many traditional, insider republicans publicly aghast these days you'd think "The Donald" was rushing about from caucus to caucus in the altogether.

It has to make you wonder why, why are they so surprised and offended at this hour? Use most of your time failing to advance any clear vision of your nation beyond the negative response to someone else's, fill the air with angry, frustrated rhetoric, raise a fundamental mistrust of government and contempt for her institutions to a near art form and someone like Trump becomes an inevitability, as Wallace was in his day.

But this is no isolated, regional iconoclast. No. It's a national play for power predicated on a simplistic, bitter message that's been a little too successful for those who were a little too lazy to mount a principled, distinguishable, coherent challenge when they had all the time in the world to do it.

Now they don't. Now they have Trump. Because if all you're advancing is a general sort of rhetorical rally to the flag, politics is reduced to who can shout the loudest. Or who can sell the message best...and no one is going to out shout or out sell Trump.