TOL - In The Beginning (pt. 1)

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.Ant said:
Heh, yeah, I guess you're one of the few who remember me... every now and then I follow the link from the TOL email... I sometimes think of coming back, I had fun, but then it gets negative so easily, and that's not fun... I think as long as people can stay cool, refrain from personal comments and insults, and respect other's views, it's great, but most people don't seem able to do that :/
Heard this from many evangelizing atheists, agnastyics, liberals, etc.

"gets negative so easily" means "you have dared to disagree with me",
"stay cool" means "shut up while I impose my views on you",
"refrain from personal comments and insults" means "don't you dare tell me I'm wrong", and,
"respect each other's views" means "you must admit I'm right or you're being insulting",
"most people don't seem able to do that" means "I'm good, you're bad."

Been through this one a zillion times.


You know what's worst? Judgmental people pretending to not be judgmental as they judge other people.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike...... oooooooh... You?
You being a webmaster, maybe you can help.

A. Then TOL needs guidelines on how to point out disagreements with other posters without being judgemental.

B. Since having a judgemental, evaluating mind goes along with being human, this might require some thought, creativity and imagination on TOL's part.

C. During the last 15 years, there have been more than a dozen factual accounts that have come to light showing that some American Right Wing Christian groups and individuals have actually tried to get the word "imagine" banned from schoolbooks (apparently, only witches imagine).

D. And since the concepts of creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand, then there are a number of problems that arise:

1. Creativity and imagination are the only way humans have when it comes to
encountering and understanding qualities such as love and empathy.
2. Merely giving someone literal definitions of these qualities will be ineffective.
3. A final problem is that fundamentalist approaches to the sacred literature of
any religion legitimize literalism and thus make religious life a matter of
being required to assent to a list of beliefs, rather than to live out an
effective and ethical way of life.

E. Two final points then arise:

1. Rock
2. Hard place.


I missed this thread the first time around, must have been during one of the two times I've been banned. :noid:

Well written, knight! :up:

You should have just pummeled that homo and been done with it. I don't know how you found the restraint not to.....


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In the beginning, there was a man who was confronted by an evil monster, horrible in its aspect and spewing sins of the ages. The man rejected the beast and became a Knight; now he fights dragons and other tall fat beasts with foul mouths. He created the round table website to share his adventures and to make an alliance with others who a brave enough to fight the dragon in all its forms.:angel: