The End Game of the Conservative Agenda


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Conservatives want to reduce and eliminate things like minimum wage by arguing that this will produce more jobs. It is true, eliminating such regulations would provide a lot more jobs. However, what kinds of jobs would they be? Nothing less than the kinds of jobs that pay less than the already inadequate minimum wage. Jobs that currently are paid the minimum would be paid even less. What they are really moving towards are jobs that pay as little as possible without their employees dropping dead at a rate that would hurt profits due to turn over and retraining. And with more and more automation, there is not a whole lot of training needed to replace someone in these positions.

They are simultaneously doing this while also seeking to eliminate any and all welfare programs - the very programs that make it possible for minimum wage workers to get by since we all know that the minimum wage is not a living wage.

The top employer in the US is Walmart, followed by similar positions. So what happens when Conservatives get their wish? The majority of people can not only no longer support themselves through their wages, but now you've cut off all welfare programs that supplemented them. Where do they turn? Credit cards, loans, etc. Want to better your life? Get an education! Sign on the dotted line for an average of ~$40k in student loan debt! (small font: No job guaranteed.)

To top it off, conservatives also make it virtually impossible for anyone but businesses to escape overwhelming debt through bankruptcy. And not all debt is treated equally when bankrupting. Student loans in particular, aka the loans used to advance yourself, are extremely difficult to get cleared under a bankruptcy, even if all other debts are cleared.

The way we are going, if we aren't there already, is slavery. Slavery not enforced with physical chains and whips, but slavery through debt. Slavery not driven by racism, but by class warfare. Slavery disguised and criticized as freedom (hey, you chose to take out these debts to feed your family, to better yourself, etc. No one forced you to eat or raise your head out of the gutter). Work, eat, sleep, repeat - without the ability to save any money or advance yourself in any fashion. That 2% annual raise makes you feel like your advancing - but all it really does is semi-balance the loss in your wages/salary via inflation.