The danger posed by the modern social media led Left


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Not only do they come to the conclusion that gas stoves are a significant health hazard, they also come to the same conclusion of what should be done about it. AND they come to both conclusions on the same day without any previous public discussions on the subject and they expect us all to be so gullible as to not see anything fishy about this.

I've said it a thousand times: Most adults lie like 5-year-olds.

way 2 go

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way 2 go

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'Don't sign these contracts': Crowder exposes Big Conservative Media's complicity in Big Tech censorship​

Lily Hayes
January 17, 2023

Today, Crowder exposed other companies in Conservative media who don't exactly have the same priorities - namely, you. They market themselves as freedom-loving, censorship-hating Conservatives, while secretly shilling for Big Tech behind the scenes.

Crowder read portions of a contract he was offered after the show's departure from The Blaze in December of last year. The name of the company has been redacted, as Crowder made it clear this is not about burning down Conservative allies, but encouraging them to do better and building up the Conservative movement.

A portion of the contract explained penalties for demonetization on Big Tech platforms: "If any of the major platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Spotify) issues a content strike (other than a "companywide" content strike) such that Crowder content cannot be monetized on such platform, and the company is not able to resolve the issue within 90 days, then the fee will be reduced by 25% from that point forward."

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