The best way to die.


Everyone will eventfully die and there is nothing wrong with dying.

Of all the ways there are to die, there is only one way to die that is bad. That would be an un-prepared death.

There are countless causes of death. I would encourage everyone to make their own personal list of the possible ways they might die.

After doing just that, my conclusion is that: with any doubt the best way to die is from the flu. I looked at my list, and the flu sticks out as way better than cancer, heart attack, hit by a bus, etc..

God designed, engineered, and created the flu viruses as the most merciful way a person can exit this world. The flu virus gives an elderly and or infirm person time to prepare, time to see and feel the end coming. To say the needed good byes, to sign the necessary papers, and most importantly a chance to repent.

Just considering the merciful nature of the flu, one need not know just how complicated that a virus is, to understand that God designed, engineered, and created the flu to gently nudge us over to Him. God is a merciful God!