Tamobra's pick of SPOTD 7-10-2012


Get your armor ready!
Loved it , TomO!!!!!!!

The question:

Do you believe Christ is against guns?

TomO's reply:

:doh: You might as well ask if Christ is against screwdrivers. It's a chunk of metal...A machine...It is not a free moral agent...It has no moral value.

:nono: I gotta tell you. Things like this just kill me. Is Christ against guns?...Is HE against bows & arrows...What about Silly Putty?...What about knives? If I hear one more time about "Hurrdurr handgunz r dezined to kill peoplez only so dey bad" I'm seriously going to retch.

ALL guns are designed to kill...period. Not people...not animals...but both and neither...IT'S A THING!

The stupidity just kills me...and that's what it is...stupidity.

The firearm is the current state of the art of weaponry. What started with rocks...sharp rocks....sharp rocks with handles....poor quality metal beaten into sharp shapes...small sharp shapes which can be hurled, either by sling or by energy stored in a streched bow...small sharp shapes which can be hurled by the energy stored in gunpowder.

:jawdrop: Did we have big knives?...Yup swords.

:jawdrop: Did we have small knives....Yup daggers.

Do you really think a gun is any different? I'm going to stab you to death....with bullets.

The technology has advanced. When weapons advance in technology they become smaller, more powerful and strike from a greater distance. That is ALL there is to it.
Many many years from now when we are all surrounded by our own little energy bubbles which protect us individually from any and all physical impurities and assaults some people will be wringing their hands over those palm sized Ion Pulse Generators because "OMG dey iz dezined to kill peoplez!!!!1!!"

:AMR: Big gun...small gun...I took a handgun into the brush with me every single time I went hunting...along with my rifle in case I had to go into really thick stuff after an animal I had wounded. When I get home the handgun is by my bedside.

Yanno why? :noid:


:plain: Due to it's small size it is, as well, more manageable and easier to retain than a long gun in close quarters. If the quarters get closer than a knife is the superior weapon as the distance advantage that technology gives you vanishes. Move things away some and a long gun becomes increasingly necessary as a handgun (due to it's limited sight radius and ammunition power) loses the edge that it had previously. Now the rifle had the edge....the handgun is limited...the knife useless.

:think: I think CHRIST is more concerned with our hearts than our inanimate objects. It's our hearts which move the objects toward their eventual uses.

If people want to fuss about outlawing objects for whatever reason then go ahead but do you think we can refrain from assigning a moral value to a chunk of metal?...Really? :rolleyes: