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Originally posted by f0rTyLeGz "Do you think these animales are choosing to be queer?"

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SOTK4ever asks: "Do penguins know right from wrong? Are penguins aware of morals? Have penguins been commanded by God to not engage in sexual immorality? Just how closely do you think penguins social behaviors imitate human behavior?"


And I've never aspired to act like the other animals. Dogs sniff each others' behinds as a greeting, frightened rodents eat their young, and monkeys fling feces. I wouldn't want humans engaging in any of this behavior. These, as with homosexuality, are disgusting.

And we are unlike the other animals since we ostensibly have higher cognitive function...although you couldn't prove it by some of these ridiculous the one compairing human behaviors to that of ice-dwelling birds.

Gee...penguins live in below-zero temperatures and don't wear shoes or clothes. Does that make it a good idea for humans?

Great post, cattyfan! :first:

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