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Originally posted by Clete Pfeiffer


You are a fool!

You simply do not have what it takes to pay your own sin debt!

Repent! Accept the death of Jesus Christ as THE payment for your sins or else you will be cast into Hell forever!

Grace has nothing to do with having permission to sin you stupid fool!
Here's another quote from Stanford's book...
"Have we been afraid to really believe God? Have some even been afraid to allow others to really believe Him? We must never forget that "God’s ways are not always man’s ways. To some men constant peril is the only spur to action, and many religions and psychologies are dependent on fear to keep their disciples in line. Fear, too, has a place in Christianity, but God has higher and more effective motivations than fear, and one of these is love. Often fear after a while produces only numbness, but love thrives on love. To promise a man the certainty of his destiny may seem, on the human level, like playing with fire; but this leaves God out of the picture. Those who have the deepest appreciation of grace do not continue in sin. Moreover, fear produces the obedience of slaves; love engenders the obedience of sons" (J. W. Sanderson, Jr.)."

Further, don't you realize that even The Twelve accepted Paul and gave him the right hand of fellowship? Are you in a position of authority over Peter, James, and John? No? Who are you then to say that Paul is the Antichrist?

Again, I implore you to reexamine your "model" and repent! You are steeped in sin and have no way out, save Christ and His sacrifice. Anything you wish to add to that sacrifice cheapens His death on the Cross and moves you further from His Grace.

Resting in Him,

Context Awesome post, brother! :first: Keep up the great work!

In Christ,



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I enjoy reading things I disagree with.

I'm sure everyone will agree that I don't know what's right and true. It is possible that many, most or all of my opinions are wrong. The disagreement of others is precious - it keeps my opinions from hardening into an unbreakable crust.

But I stop reading when I see "you stupid fool" and "you simply do not have what it takes...". Nothing this writer has to say beyong such comments will come to my attention. Too bad, because maybe he had good points. I'll never know.


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Duder, you seem to be put off by namecalling. We could debate whether namecalling is ever appropriate. But I suspect you misunderstood what Clete meant when he told Leo, "you simply do not have what it takes..." If that's really where you stopped reading the post, as you indicated, I encourage you to at least read the rest of the sentence.

Originally posted by Clete Pfeiffer

You simply do not have what it takes to pay your own sin debt.
Clete is not putting down Leo for "not hav[ing] what it takes." Clete is correcting Leo because Leo thinks he can work to pay his own sin debt. But Clete's point is that no one has what it takes to pay his own sin debt. Not Leo, not Clete, not you, not me, not anyone.

Your post prompted some other question in my mind that I would like to ask you, but I will save them for the time being.
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