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I always thought that SPOTD stood for Stupid Post Of The Day. In that spirit, and because I'm not going to waste the beautiful day outside by responding to Barbie's flaming point by point, I hereby award Barbie the SPOTD for the following post he made in our ongoing flame war/trolling each other:

A quick glance reveals that in a single post Barbie has managed to cram in three "I know you are but what am I", four "you did something horrible that nobody but me and my lapdogs care about, but we're going to pretend we care because it's the way we roll", and no less than six instances of "everybody here is laughing at you/nobody here agrees with you"!

A truly epic effort! :BRAVO:

And it's worth noting that he has managed to do it in his typical chopped up Barbie style with excerpts from no less than four different posts, all without managing to put the original poster's name in any of the quote boxes! Seriously, how can you accumulate 8000 posts in ten years here and still not have a clue how to use the quote function? :think:

:idea: Maybe it's because he's clueless! :darwinsm:


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