Should We Declare a Pandemic Amnesty?


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People would have been far better off doing the exact opposite of what the government ordered in relation to these topics.
That has long been S.O.P. for me. I think it is for anyone who pays more than a passing interest to history. :rolleyes:

:oops: What confuses me are all these people who trust so readily...It's almost like they have no real understanding about the world they inhabit so they follow whatever authoritative voice makes a promise they like the sound of...For whatever reason. If the person has letters after their name, then all the better; for they are "experts" who cannot be questioned...Particularly if another "expert" points to them...Multiplying experts multiplies veracity!

I think that perhaps the reason the Millennial and Boomer generations hate each other so much, is because they are so much alike in this respect. :unsure:
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