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I have already said that the one and original conspirator is Satan and he has motive, he wants to "blind the minds of those who believe not", that would be, in my understanding, those who don't believe in the Word of God, he also wants to deceive even the "elect" as much as possible, in order to take full control of this world.


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Dave have you ever considered that Satan is trying to blind your eyes with the flat earth theory??

After all... if the earth is actually flat and not round everyone is equally fooled except for a few thousand atheists and a couple dozen Christians. Big whoop.

However.... if the earth is a sphere then Satan is making a fool of those that believe it's flat and he is ruining your testimony regarding just about any other topic including your faith. Satan is making you look silly.

This gets to the heart of my point. If the earth is flat and not sphere the grand conspiracy has little to no payoff (after all no one would blame any rational person for seeing what is obviously apparent). Conversely if the earth is a sphere and is consistent with science, reality, and common sense, then the payoff is a few thousand folks look ridiculous for denying what is obviously true. Either way, it's all a bit trivial but less trivial if the earth is in reality a sphere.

When I worked for a large telecommunications company I used to have this friend who play the most trivial pranks on me. Like he would say... "I left that folder on your chair". I would say... "Okay cool thank you". Then I would see there was no folder on my chair. And he would get all excited an say... "I didn't leave it on your chair I left on top of the file cabinet." And he would have this smirk as if he really pulled one over on me. And my reaction was like... Uh.... okay... you really got me that time :idunno: all while asking myself what the point was.

A good prank or a good conspiracy needs to have some sort of purpose or payoff so that it makes sense in the end. The lie that the earth is actually flat and not spherical has nothing. It would be just a hollow, trivial, prank.

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Dave seems to think one is not saved if he believes the earth is round. That must mean he thinks one must believe it's flat to be saved. So where's the Bible say the earth is flat?

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