ECT Self "banning"-Time for a Galatians 1:17-18 KJV


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I came to TOL, years ago, excited, after being saved, with the aim to edify others, per Romans 14:19 KJV, Romans 15:2 KJV, 2 Corinthians 12:19 KJV, Ephesians 4:16 KJV, Ephesians 4:29 KJV, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, and share, per 2 Timothy 2:2 KJV, what I've been taught, by the LORD God, through other faithful men. I wanted others to know about how great a Saviour we have.

However, in recent days, I admit that I've not been true to, specifically, the Ephesians 4:29 KJV exhortation, and this has "sapped" the joy from me, excitement, which I enjoyed, in former years, in being given the honor, of preaching the gospel/good news of this great Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, and instead, have focused less on 2 Timothy 4:2 KJV, less on "by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers....speak thou the things which become sound doctrine..(Titus 1:9 KJV, Titus 2:1 KJV), and less on, per above, 2 Timothy 2:2, KJV, and too much on swatting gnats, wolves. Make no mistake-I still will not negotiate, "make nice," with commies, or wolves/wolf-ette's. However, it is time to "take break," get "re-charged," "re prioritize," bury my head in this great book, and its details, study it, respect it, love it, submit to it, mediate on it, survey it, so as to rightfully expound on it,with my typical brilliance, and humility, in the future.

I take comfort in the fact that the LORD God needs nothing from me, or any of us, and it is a privilege, honor,of me/us to have been given the gift of being His ambassador, on this great forum/outlet, TOL, despite my failings, and that I realize, that I need Him much more(quite an understatement!), than he needs me. I also take comfort in the biblical principle that my obligation, charge, is to be faithful, not successful-success is in His quite capable hands.

Therefore, fellow members of the boc, the sheep/babes in Christ, wolves/wolf-ette's, I "sign off" for now, following in some of the great ones of TOL, who have done likewise, such as the man of chicken, STP, heir, I am taking a hiatus, an "Arabian" vacation for a spell. As Arnold would say, "I will be bahccck!"

I also post this, to dispel any possible forthcoming speculation, that I've been "wacked" by the wolves!

Bye, bye for now, and, being a stock trader, don't buy bonds(for now!).

W comma John

I know your post is nearly a year old, but wanted you to know what a blessing your ministry is to me. To this day, when ever a wolf is trying to rabbit trail me, I think of you and how I learned from you to stay the course and not be swerved off topic. It continues to greatly aid me in being set for the defense of the gospel and having done all to stand. Thank you for your faithfulness (2 Timothy 2:2 KJV). I will continue to search out posts by you although I haven't been around here much at all, but hopefully when that changes, you'll have posted a bunch so I can catch up. Grace and peace, brother! I miss your posts!