Samstarrett's SPOTD 4-24-2011

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A voice came to me laST NIGHT. It told me there is a God, and that I SHOULD BELIEVE. He is the creator of the universe and all mankind.

I was surprised. :cheers:

The voice wasn't God. It was UberGod. He filled me in on God -- who is atheistic toward Him. God's soul is in danger because of creating hell and sending human souls there for everlasting torture eventhough the humans offenses were temporary and often much much much much much less heinous than hell itself. God is sinning when he claims to be the only God and when he says that he is all knowing. There are many others in other Universes and Dimensions -- all created by UberGod. Most Gods are benevolent and are never jealous and rarely angry at their creations. They understand the limitations built into them and have reasonable expectations.

Many Gods do have punishments for their creation, but the punishments are graded and fit the crime. Not believing in God is rarely even seen as an offense.

So Please, helllp God accept UberGod so he won't be sent to Deity Hell. And, pray to UberGod! -- why not cut out the middle man? :third:


It's a fraud!

The real Übergod would have shown his chosen prophet how to transliterate Ü. It's not even hard to do.

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