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I know that Zakath does not believe in God so any answer that references God will be insufficient from his point of view. But the answer is that animals were not created in the image of God. Animals do not have this gift so they are free from the responsibility that comes with it.

God is not offended when a male lion kills and eats one of the male cubs of the pride. The lion is not committing murder he is just pre-empting future competition for dominance. God is not offended when a cat tortures a mouse by catching and releasing it a dozen times before he kills it for fun not food. The cat is just passing time.

And further, it is silly to think that God might be offended when a subordinate monkey shows his subservience to a dominant one by allowing simulated intercourse. Neither monkey is homosexual they are just demonstrating that they understand their place in the hierarchy. That goes for all the alleged homosexual behavior in the in the animal kingdom. There are no natural examples of homosexuality in animals being practiced as recreation. And for that matter the same principle applies when my neighbor’s dog humps my leg. He’s not a sexually deviant dog he’s just excited to see me and he can’t tell one kind of excitement from another.

God does not hold animals to the same standard as he does humans because animals are not a direct reflection of God.

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