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My SPOTD goes to Chatmaggot, for THIS very powerful post and a YouTube video that does a great job of exposing the wicked positions of Calvinism.

Hats off to you Jason. This will easily be among my posts of the year.

To Ask Mr. Religion and Nang,

I was disturbed by the fact that you two believe that every evil and wicked thing that happens is a result of Gods will (God wants it to happen).

It was claimed by Ask Mr. Religion that:

This just does not make sense. In response I claimed that it seemed so wrong to me. To which Nang replied:

Nang then claimed that because I didn't believe the way you two do I was a vessel of wrath:

I then stated how wicked it was to claim that God is responsible for all the wickedness and evil in the world.

Ask Mr. Religion replied that:

This literally made me sick to my stomach. It is as if you think that God NEEDS evil for His goodness to be made known. This is so silly. God was good before the fall…when there was no evil.

Nang then replied with an odd statement:

This is odd because Nang not only believes that God sees all that transpires (which I agree with)…but that He predestined all to happen from eternity past!

Because of this I think it is odd that Nang and Ask Mr. Religion get upset with people on this thread because everything that people write was destined to be done from before the foundation of the world! How can you get upset with someone when they are doing that which God wants them to do?

Remember, it was you Mr. Religion that stated:

So, I have waited to post for a few days to think about what I should do. I thought about what it was that God had destined me to do from eternity past.

What I did was to make a little video so that I can post it here to help people understand the views of Nang and Ask Mr. Religion (and Pastor Cook

It was put together rather quickly so it may be kind of cheesy…but I just wanted to help spread the "truths" of what Nang and Mr. Religion teach:

It is Good

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