Order from disorder.


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In an amazing display of science and human engineering evolutionary scientists recently proved that precise order can result from extreme disorder without external intelligence being added to the process.

Swedish evolutionary scientist Bjorn Sphincterless stated... "It's easy to now see how a living cell or even a complex organism could form by chance simply by the right combination of materials coming together."

Watch the video below to see several successful experiments that were video taped to prove that order can indeed come from disorder. Details of how the experiments were conducted will be released in various science journals later this year. Amazing!

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The funny thing, is, some folks here actually think that's what evolutionary theory is about.

It's the creationist counterpoint to the atheist who equates Christianity to sunstroke-induced ravings of stoneage goatherds.

Total misrepresentation, but all too often sincerely believed. As usual, ignorance is the enemy.

You take yourself far too seriously. :rolleyes: