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Crow said:
beanieboy said:
And an Indian wearing this wouldn't make you offended?

I love the idea. The point of it was to offend people and make them think, and it's created a huge controversy, despite being the name of an intramural team in a college, and has had national press.

Sometimes it's a matter of presenting ideas from a new perspective, Amaya said. He struggled to convince black athletes to join him in his fight. "I said, 'What if we had the Adams State College Niggers and we had a Sambo mascot?' We got the support of the black athletes."

Unfortunately, Right wingers have harder heads.

I think the idea of an Indian wearing the fighting whities t-shirt is funny as heck.

Why the heck do some left wingers feel that it's their duty to be embassadors of outrage, be offended on the behalf of those who aren't offended, and tutor them in the "proper" response of the snit, the pout, the stamp of the foot, and lead them in a chorus of whines?

beanie, I'm not offended by stuff that pokes fun of my white or Indian heritage. You get that way when you like what you are--you can joke about it. I suspect that anyone who goes looking for offense about some charicteristic he possesses is betraying a certain degree of self-loathing.

So I don't take offense at grey hair jokes, short people jokes, or the like. I don't take offense at Indian jokes, I don't plan on being offended by the "big 5-0" jokes this fall, nor by the fire department coming to put out my birthday cake jokes and all of the other little stuff the rednecks are going to come up with. I'm not offended by redneck jokes either, come to think of it. When black comedians make white people jokes, I laugh at them, just as I laugh at Indian jokes. I don't get offended by "fundy" jokes either, although I must point out here that most of them contain a huge dose of unintentional humor as the teller often is brutally ignorant of what makes us fundies tick.

And if somebody doesn't like themselves to the extent that they have to go on a an offense grubbing mission they have a whole lot bigger problem than someone else being "insensitive." And that problem lies within themselves.

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Thanks, Nineveh!


Wait a I supposed to be offended by that? :confused:

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