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ebenz47037 said:
Hasan_ibn_Sabah said:
Yes they do. They can pull their child out of school. Notice that they are testing the educators as well.

When? Last I heard, the NEA was raising a big stink because they didn't want the teachers held to any sort of standards.

Basically what they are looking for is troubled people so they can protect the school population, its like screening for terrorists, but they have no real profile of who is a trouble student, because basically at the adolescent stage everyone is troubled...the trouble I have is with elementary school children...unless you see some real signs of trouble, in the way they act out....I dont see a reason to test them.

I have a problem with testing them without parental consent at all. Parents should have final say-so in what happens with their children until they reach the age of majority.

And beleive that screening the teachers and staff should be mandatory.

If public schools remain, I believe that the teachers should be held to very high and strict standards. Schools that fail to improve, should lose any and all federal funding. The parents of those students should have their choice of schools to send their children to (if they choose not to homeschool). Everyone always cries out, "But, what will happen to the poor children if the public school system is dismantled?" I say, look at it this way: whenever you pay less for a generic item than a name-brand item in a store, you're taking a chance that the quality isn't as good. With schools, whenever you invest less in public schools than in homeschooling and/or private schooling, you're taking a chance that the quality isn't as good.

Throwing more and more money, every year, into the federal public education system has not fixed the problems that they complain about every year. They keep saying that they need more money. I say, dismantle the federal system. Put the schools back into the hands of the states, counties, and cities. Require that parents are financially, emotionally, and physically responsible for their children's educations. Encourage fathers to take active roles in their children's lives. Do the same for mothers. Only then, will we see real improvement in the school system.

Post 15 Those last two paragraphs really hit the nail on the head! :)
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