NEW FORUM: The Woodshed


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There should be a thread in there where we can ask things like "Was The CBG really Joe Roberts?"
And maybe a thread to mock, AHmmmm...I mean discuss the infractors and the infractees.
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How do I become a subscriber?:devil: {Rhetorical}

This will appeal to everyone's interest in gossip, and they will gossip about it on "other" threads and in PM's!



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the only drawback I see is now people will argue the reported posts and infractions...and it could escalate the unnecessary name-calling. We'll have people reporting the reported posts :chuckle:

And that will be followed by "The Woodshed" reporting it self and lock up with
"Posters Bloat" :madmad:
"Infraction Blockage" :noway:


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If someone is banned outright without an infraction will the Woodshed show that too?

Although there is such a thing as a user profile infraction which is like a infraction for something that isn't necessarily associated with a specific post. Those will show in the woodshed.

But if we just ban their username from he back-end it will not show in the woodshed.


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dan1el the gay :troll: just bypassed the woodshed and went straight to :banned: Hell.


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I kind of have some doubts about this Woodshed. If someone posted threats or slurs to another member or used the N word or posted pornography, would those posts be repeated in the Woodshed? If so, it seems like you might be putting bad behaviour on a pedestal.