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We are pleased to introduce our new TOL forum called "Staff Picks". The new forum is not open for new threads but instead will be used by TOL moderators and Administrators to move existing threads into and out of.

So what's the point of this new forum?
Often times when viewing the active threads page it's hard to tell where the fun and "juicy" debates are taking place, what might look like a harmless or boring thread could contain a raging debate or some incredibly interesting dialog! Therefore the new Staff Picks forum will allow TOL moderators and staff to draw your attention to threads that might be worth your further investigation.

TOL moderators and admins will move threads into and out of the Staff Picks section at their leisure and or pleasure. As a TOL member you can request that a thread be moved into the Staff Picks forum by simply PMing a TOL moderator or admin (please don't send all your requests to me - we have several great TOL admins and moderators that can help you). Obviously requests from TOL subscribers carry more weight. :)

Furthermore, the Staff Picks that have the most recent responses will also be displayed in a module at the top of the TOL home page and active threads page. Threads can remain in the Staff Picks forums for an indefinite period of time and will be moved back into the forum where they came from when the TOL moderator or admin who picked it decides they want to pick another.

If you have any questions regarding this new forum please ask your questions here.


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:rotfl: I think of that line every time I see one of Newman's posts. I hear Jerry and his mom both saying, "Hello... NEWMAN!!!" :chuckle:


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