More Liberal Censorship


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It's sad that the kid has been taught to compromise on reality...

"I don’t complain when I see Pride flags and diversity posters hung throughout the school." -- You should be complaining, no, protesting such flags and posters, for they are crimes against humanity.

"Because others have a right to their beliefs, just as I do." -- Not when those beliefs are criminal.

"'There are only two genders' ... just a statement I believe to be a fact" -- Rather, it IS a fact, whether a person believes it or not.

"Their arguments were weak in my opinion" -- Not just in your opinion. They are objectively weak. It used to be that having an opposing opinion was welcomed, and if one had an opposing belief, he was challenged to prove it. These days, "you WILL conform to what we teach you, or you will be removed for being disruptive," is the norm.

"This right is called The First Amendment to the Constitution" -- Correction: "This right to free speech is PROTECTED by the First Amendment to the Constitution, but it comes from God."

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