McDonald's Disputes Obesity Suit

Nathon Detroit

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Big Mac -----> pretty good
Quarter Pounder with cheese -----> very good
Egg McMuffin -----> I like them with bacon
Salty fries -----> the bomb!!!


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Where's the lawsuit against KFC or DQ?

"There's Fast Food. Then There's KFC."
(Kentucky Fat Children)

"DQ Something Different!"
(Dead Quick)


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That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. McDonalds publishes the nutritional information of their food right out in public for anyone to read and will provide copies to any one who asks in full accordance with Fed. regs. If one doesn't know that McDonalds food is not health food then that is the individuals fault. Even the kid in the shelter had access to the food at the shelter rather than McD's.

The problem is that they don't. As \o/\0/ implied, McD's is currently in a lot of trouble and battling a class action suit from a bunch of Hindus and vegetarians because they were stupid enough to put in writing, repeatedly, that their fries are vegetarian safe and contain no beef tallow. When it came out that this was a lie, the people suing them had a bunch of documentation.



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Actually, I am considering suing the persons suing McDonalds for jeopardizing my fat-loaded Quarter Pounder. Yeah, I like McDonalds, but that doesn't mean that I should eat every meal there!
Moderation is the key!


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Originally posted by \o/\o/
Big Mac -----> heart attack?
Quarter Pounder with cheese -----> coronary heart disease?
Egg McMuffin -----> costly coffin?
Salty fries -----> graveside?

Christians are becoming vegetarian for several inter-related reasons:

Sorry, but there is NO WAY that I could EVER become a vegetarian! I once went a week without meat, & by the end of the week, I was crawling the walls!! Although for burgers-give me WENDY"S anyday! I Do agree that the courts are way too clogged up with totally stupid lawsuits like this! (SEE my thread in the CURRENT EVENTS FORUM- LOSING OUR FREEDOMS!)