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Yeah, you do. Looks like it drives you nuts that I do. I'd go so far to say it forces you to realize it's possible to live and not be a victim. And since you don't want that to be true, it's very important to you to either convince me I'm wrong or convince me to sit down and shut up.


Nope. Not gonna.

Sorry. You're wrong. I can quite comfortably reject modern feminism and vote without being a hypocrite. Because the modern feminist movement didn't secure that right for me. The women who secured that right for me a hundred years ago are not the modern feminist movement. Your continuing to pretend they are so you can accuse me of hypocrisy or try to force some sense of gratitude from me toward them, for things they had nothing to do with, just won't work.

Hey, you know what? We now have the right to leave abusive husbands, and have men tried and punished for raping our daughters. And we live in a society where just about everyone agrees that women are human beings and should be treated as such. And where those who don't agree with that are actually ridiculed.

So, you know what else? I think that the greatest American oppression of women (today, as opposed to a hundred years ago, in case you're still missing that point) is the expectation that we should be something other than women. To behave as men and deny we're female in the first place.

Yeah, see? Here's your problem.

I'm not talking about a hundred years ago. I'm talking about today. The greatest American oppression of women today is the expectation that they should behave as men.

You're so wrapped up in all those horrible things that were overcome a hundred years ago and using that to justify what you feel about the world now, that you can't imagine I meant anything other than the oppression of all women everywhere throughout all of human history. Because that's the standard you use to judge the plight of women today.

Okay, what human rights are women denied in America today? Present them for me and I'll compare that to the expectation that women should behave as men. To see if I'm wrong or not to say, "The greatest American oppression of women is the expectation that they should behave as men."

Because I don't think you can come with any. Because there ain't none.


Not just "no", but hell no.

I won't do it. I might have before. I sorta did before, in a backhanded way. But I'm going to go back and remove that as well.

I'll will not include the qualifier necessary to overcome you're inability to comprehend anyone talking about women today without judging their current condition by the standards of a hundred or a thousand years ago. I'd rather women like you be prompted to display their inability to recognize reality, so that the thinking that has poisoned modern feminism can be so clearly illustrated as it has here.

Maybe one day you'll let go of the past and let yourself be glad we're where we are. Until then, better that others see that you can't.
Sorry, I'm not going to let appeals to emotion warp my perception of reality to the point that I can't recognize the rights we have today because terrible things happened in the past.

This is the thinking that leads so many modern feminists to overreach. To seek feminine dominance rather than equality. To hate men and want them shackled, feminized and despised. This is what has poisoned the modern feminist movement.

Thanks. Keep it. Do not want.

If the point really needs to be made...when the hell did I ever say anything like any of that? You assume so because, being wrapped up in the poisonous mindset you are, you can't imagine judging the current condition of women by any other standard than the past.

Thanks but I'll continue to judge the current condition of women by looking at the condition of women currently. Because I like working with reality. Rather than, you know, psychosis.

Sorry, you're the one making blanket statements and whatnot. I'm making a judgment concerning the current condition of women in America by looking at the current condition of women in America.

You're judging by looking at everything but the current condition. You're looking at a hundred years ago, Islamic cultures, a couple dozen twisted interpretations of scripture, various incidents across every other culture over a couple thousand years and just about every incident you can find or think of where women were abused or denied their humanity.

If anyone should be refusing to vote here it's you. Because you consistently ignore that we have that right when you judge the condition of women today. Since you're locked into viewing the world the way you are, it's not consistent for you to enjoy any of the freedoms that have been won for women at all. It's you that consistently deny them, not me. I accept and celebrate all of them.
You did fine. It was just irrational and not based on reality, is all.




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Mary Contrary has a habit of doing that (laying the smack down). :thumb:


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That was a smack down indeed!
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