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Originally posted by Turbo

Septic: There is also no evidence for God.

The very existence of the universe is evidence for God.

Septic: Science is about evidence. This is why science does not introduce God into theories. Why introduce a variable that is beyond the ability of science to empirically investigate or beyond our ability to rule out?
So you presuppose that God does not exist?
Septic: One purpose of science is to explain things without having to resort to supernatural possibilities.


When fundies are criticized for denying science, it is because many have denied or misinterpreted some very basic and well established principles in fields such as physics, biology, geology, and astronomy.
Yet naturalistic atheists such as yourself promote the Big Bang Theory in which matter/energy creates itself from nothing in violation the first law of thermodynamics.

This is the part where you say that I believe "God poofed" the matter into existence. But God is supernatural. He is not bound by the laws of nature.

See that? Because matter/energy exists, and we know from science that matter/energy cannot create itself out of nothing according to a fundamental law of nature, we can conclude that whatever created matter/energy was supernatural.


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Great post Turbo. I had never even thought of the 1st law of Thermodynamics in connection with the beginning of the universe. That's a very good point.
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