Knight's POTD 1-3-2008

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Nathon Detroit

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OK, who are you??? This is brilliant stuff! :up:
Just telling you how I feel about it.
And I support your cause. Think how you're affecting those who don't.

Locks only keep the honest from temptation and protest moves those who might otherwise choose the path of least resistance and ignore a problem that wasn't staring them in the face. It is all but impossible to win over a person who has no qualms about killing the unborn with appeals to their conscience. Their conscience is part of the problem. You protest to alter their behavior by attacking their social and economic self interest and accomplish this by bringing an awareness of their activity and its fruit to the forefront of their community's understanding.
As far as "losing the argument"? I guess I lost it when I tried to share my feelings about the issue with closed minded people.
It depends on how you mean this Koban. I've read your comments with interest and believe your general sentiment is well intentioned, but on the issue of how to go about ending this nightmare we simply disagree. I am closed minded in that I have thought exhaustively about the issue and my obligation of conscience and see a clear and compelling course of action that your points have not dissuaded me from supporting.
Bottom line?
If you are really interested in ending abortion in the long term, work to overturn RvW.
No doubt. But that isn't where we disagree. Of course we should work to overturn Roe v Wade, but our difference is in what else should be done and why.
If you are interested in ending abortion in the short term, picket abortion centers and counsel those using them.
Another excellent idea and one I think everyone here in opposition to abortion would support.
If you're interested in protesting in my (residential) neighborhood, keep on your toes.
Here you're just wrong as you can be...if protesting the butchery of others works an inconvenience on you and your neighbors I would say balance the value of that against the offense and join in the protest. If you mean this only as an appeal for sanctuary with respect for those innocent family members who might be distressed by the protest, you have to understand that the person putting them in that position isn't carrying the sign, he or she is the one furthering a despicable act, one worthy of public outcry and undeserving of respite in any form absent repentance and reformation.

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I'm greatly appreciative of the gesture Knight. And FS, LH, D2I, many thanks for your kind remarks as well. I read a post the other day where Minerva was credited with changing someone’s position on abortion (God bless you Minerva). I believe it was Real Sorcerer who made the acknowledgement. It made me stop and realize how powerful a tool TOL can be in the fight against this evil.
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