Knight's Posts of the Year 2007

Nathon Detroit

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Welcome to the 2007 Posts of the Year awards with your host, Knight (that's me). As you know every year (since 2002) I countdown the greatest posts made on TOL every year. You may ask yourself "how are these posts picked"? Well, the picking goes something like this.... I round-up all the Post of the Day picks I have made each year and then order them by the ones I think are the very best and so on. This year I added a slight twist in that I also picked several posts that weren't picked as Posts of the Day yet are still worthy of being awarded a Post of the Year. So just because you haven't had a Post of the Day doesn't mean you will not get a Post of the Year!

Throughout the day today (and in this thread) I will be slowly releasing the winners. There will be 57 total winners:

- 5 Honorable mentions
- 2 Worst posts of the year
- 50 Posts of the year (in order from best to least best)

Before we get started you may want to take a trip down memory lane.....
Posts of the year from 2002
Posts of the year from 2003
Posts of the year from 2004
Posts of the year from 2005
Posts of the year from 2006

The past winners have been:
2002 - Jaltus :first: and Paul DeYonghe :second:
2003 - Turbo :first: 1Way :second: and Sozo :third:
2004 - 1Way :first: Shadowx :second: and Clete :third:
2005 - Eowyn :first: Poly :second: and Clete :third:
2006 - Turbo :first: Poly :second: and pastorkevin :third:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Good luck to all the TOL'ers that are in the running.


Nathon Detroit

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OK, lets rumble! Lets start with the 5 honorable mentions or 55 thru 51 on the list. Keep in mind these posts are picked for a variety of reasons, they might be informative, funny, truth-smacking, silly, emotional etc. One way or another these posts caught my eye in 2007.


#55. rehcjam with the first POTD of 2006

#54. Sozo tells me I worship a different Jesus :)

#53. Nineveh nails it

#52. Bob Enyart exposes Ron Paul (again)

#51. CRASH gives better perspective

Congratulations to the 5 honorable mentions!!! :up: Next up: The TOP 50 begins!