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Originally Posted by Greenrage
This is borderline delusional.

It is funny the that Tea Party occupation forces spent two years wasting their energies on birtherism, while Obama was laughing in private watching them.

Man, the Tea Party is stooopid.

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This is borderline incomprehensible. You must have fallen on one too many cacti in your youth.

It's funny how I never said I was a member of the Tea Party and yet you seem to bring it up a lot when quoting my posts.

It's a bit like two adults having a conversation when suddenly a small child runs in the room and yells, "Hey, you're fat!" and then runs out again. The two adults then look at each other and say, "What was that all about." :idunno: It feels a bit like that when you comment in threads.

Tea Party Occupation Forces indeed. :ha: Shhhhhhhhhhh...they're out to get you. :noid:

Truth smacking with a lot of class. I haven't seen classy posting like this in a long time.
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