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This might be off topic, I'm not sure.

After I became a Christian I was still on the fence when it came to abortion for a while. Actually never sat down and thought it out, nor had any particular opportunity to confront my stance on the topic. Then I saw this movie with Kevin Bacon, where he played a serial killer. Or something, can't really recall. Wasn't exactly a stand out film or anything. But he was, I think, murdering women who'd had abortions? And there's a scene where the protagonist is hanging out with him on a boat or something.

You many notice I don't remember much at all about the film. But I remember this particular scene pretty clearly.

Kevin Bacon tells the guy a story about a pirate. Jean Lafitte, which is what caught my attention. He's fairly well known around these parts. He tells a story (and I've never heard nor been able to confirm this story wasn't entirely made up for the film) of how Lafitte came across a man whipping a dog in the streets of New Orleans.

Lafitte takes the whip from the man and starts beating him with it. And the man cries out, "Why are you whipping me? It's my dog!!"

Jean Lafitte replies, "It's God's dog."

Now, that got my attention. First because Jean Lafitte is one of those pirates you associate with Louisiana and the general area down here. Second, because it surprised me that a pirate was being used for some kind of morality tale. Third, because a serial killer was using this story to justify his murdering women who'd had abortions (or whatever he was doing - again, can't remember), which struck me as perfectly illustrating this killer's mentality.

And having got my attention, this story stuck in my head. And, consequently, immediately confronted me on my stance on abortion.

It's not your baby. It's God's baby. And to kill it you have to practice the same insane thinking this serial killer did and to the same ends.

This post is just a gem that draws the reader in. It is a lovely well composed unit with a wonderful truth smack punch line at the end. :first:
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