Kayleigh Conner Fundraiser - TOL can help a family in need.

Nathon Detroit

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The following video is about a friend of ours. :(

7 Year Old Girl Suffers a Major Stroke.

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More on the story here.

Unfortunately after that video was taken Kayleigh suffered yet another stroke. She is doing much better now but her family is facing massive medical bills. My wife and my wife's sister have spent the last few weeks organizing a fundraiser for Kayleigh which you can read about here.

Please help me raise some money to donate to the fundraiser. If you have some extra money (any amount will be appreciated) please click the button below and donate what you can. The entire amount will be donated to Kayleigh's family to help pay for her medical bills and other expenses incurred during this incident.

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If you cannot donate any money please support Kayleigh and her family with your prayers. Thank you in advance for your help!
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Nathon Detroit

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We have done a lot of neat things on TOL over the years; we bought a goat for a third world family, we helped two different TOL'ers relocate, we paid for a wedding, we paid for a few other folks dire needs... lets pull together again and see what we can do for this sweet family that suffered such a major tragedy in their life.

Nathon Detroit

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Oh... one more thing... the fundraiser is this Saturday so if you can donate before then it would be great. We will of course accept donations after Saturday but it would be nice to be able to present the donations at the fundraiser. God bless you guys for any help you can offer.


Death2impiety's Wife
We bought raffle tickets and I donated a piece of Lia Sophia jewelry for the raffle!

Come on TOL!!!!!!!!!


Star-Spangled Kid
Well, I don;t have any way to put money into a PayPal account, but I do have a tax check coming. However, even if I get it before Saturday I will not be able to give anything by then. I have to go to the dentist and pay for it with my tax refund. But I will have money left over. I don't know how much yet, but I will see what I can do. And I will figure out a way to get to you what I can.

Nathon Detroit

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We are almost at $75, great job people! Lets try to get to $200. That will be our goal OK?

Come on folks... this is a really worthy cause.

Nathon Detroit

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Trupp got us up to $150. Thanks Trupp! Lets raise another $50 today which will bring us to $200 and then I will donate $50 so that we can make a $250 donation.